New arcade in San Diego

It was rumored for last year, but a friend of mine finally saw the sign go up.

Its located not to far from Nickel City.

Scheduled to open this Saturday.

  • 50 high end P.C. gaming stations with 1 gig video cards

  • at&t DS3 fiber backbone

  • The best video and audio available

  • Multiple PS3 and XBox 360 VIP rooms

  • Open architecture with modular plug-and-play technology

  • The California debut of the World’s coolest mind control game, MINDBALL

  • 20 high intensity freestanding arcade games

  • Exclusive party rooms for special occassions

  • Great food, snacks and beverages

I checked further, and they will have Mvc2, and Tekken 5. Im gonna talk to the owner about getting 3s, CvS2, etc etc.

Check out “Games” to see the full list. I’ll have a review on Sunday hopefully regarding the overall quality and location.

From what I heard last year, the owner is down to earth, and will fix things when needed, and… well, basically won’t be a nickel city.

can they hold console tourneys?

Cool. I hope they get a VF5 community going.

i just called mudd club about getting 3rd strike and cvs2. the guy i talked to (mike) said that he will talk to the owners about getting it. but i really encourage everyone on here to call them at 858-679-6833 and ask for 3rd strike and cvs2.

he was unsure as to what the policy was for bringing in your own games, but if we all call they should get 3rd strike and cvs2. also for all the tekken guys, i dont know if they will have DR so it might be whack, call them fools up at mudd club and let them know whats good.

they need to change their name to MUCC Club.

Looks sweet, I will have to go check it out some time next week.

Whoaaa Ive been driving around there with my friend and always wondered what the hell it was, but its an arcade? Hahaha siick!

Place is sounding, good, I think I’ll give it a visit this weekend.

yo gerald pm me your number, we went to nickel today but i had no way of letting you know.

call mudd club!! ask for 3s and cvs2.

markman, are you going to rep san diego tekken at cal poly this weekend?

Pm sent, whats gonna happen to Nickel if Mudd gets 3s and Cvs?

yo, I’m not going there, I might be going to the BUY.COM BuyLAN tournament in Anaheim this weekend though… any of you guys going? Only SF game thats gonna be there is 3S… I’m probably going to enter just VF5/T5DR if I do go…

BTW does anyone know if they(Mudd Club) have an email contact?

Me blowing $75 just to go 2 and out in 3s, Tekken, and VF5 at the tourney is overkill… x_x

Not that I’m actually doing it though…

if mudd club gets 3s and cvs2, im going to buy the 3s cab off nickel and open my own arcade in my garage where we can play and get drunk and smoke.

ill be at cal poly and the tourny. anyone else going to for 3s?

i dont know about the email contact, i just called them up.

also… i dont know about you guys, but mudd club is the gayest name ever.

mudd club is risking so much money… i personally think that location is gonna kill its business. you cant see it from the freeway, so you either have to live next to it or hear it by friends or something.

must of cost a grip.

i say we just support mc (lol) so they will feel comfy about getting some more games

I wonder if my friend Dominic started this (the arcade)

If its good, ill go to it.

since i cant go to cal-poly… =[ i’ll go to this… i’ll post to tell you guys how good it is, sounds pretty cool to me.


Like i said, MUDD Club needs a name change. MUCC Club.

So the “Mudd Club” isn’t sounding too good from what I hear. It has more cons and pros.

First of all, there is going to be NO PARKING at all. There were 6 people inside, and the parking lot only had a couple of spaces. If this place gets big, its gonna be hectic.

Second, the prices are expensive so far. I am not sure how much for fighting games, but for DDR, it will cost $1.50, and to rent a computer, its $10 an hour. To rent a private room for consoles, its $15 an hour.

The layout is sick, and it is roomy, but I think they might have overpriced everything. I wouldn’t be suprised if they have MvC2 for 50 cents a pop.

Oh, another thing. It is kind of like Dave and Busters. You have to load your money into a card (which cost 1 dollar to buy) and use it like that.

There is no entry fee like NC though.

Thats all for now…

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