New arcade PCB for PS4 by Magiclab Korea

Next month, Magiclab Korea will launch new arcade PCB for PS4. It has still 8 min timeout problem.

First movie is lag time test vs PS360+ (1.65)

Second movie is PS3 mode lag time test vs PS360+ (1.65)

I think it has less lag time than PS360+ (1.65)

This PCB tested, working

PSX, PS2,3,4 (8 min timeout)
PC Engine(2 & 6 button), 3DO (without daisychain)
XBOX(old model), PC USB, MAME keyboard mode

believed to work (not tested)
Most old DB9 system (Atari2600, Master System & etc)

Fucking useless, so.

That a little harsh but its true. If you are telling the word of a new PS4 PCB, that PCB needs to get over the 8 min timeout restriction.
The thing that interest me is the Sega Genesis/Megadrive compatibility. Not too many boards support the Genesis.

What really got my my eye is the OP has a brand speaking new account and telling us about this “PS4” PCB, labeled as a PS4 PCB in the title even though its still has the 8 min time out.

Also “NEOGEO, MSX” LOL, you don’t need a PCB for those systems.

wow the hori looks pretty bad

solve the 8 mins time out and you have a winner :slight_smile:

Repeat this test on PC, and also with Magiclab set to 2P.

It still wins tournaments though B)

I own a new Hori VLX Kuro and I have replaced the pcb in my Hori VLX original with a ps360+.

People can say all they want about input lag not being a real issue for arcade sticks but for me, I can notice the input speed difference on my two sticks. It gets even worse when playing with network lag added on top.

I’m able to perform 1 frame link combos consistently on my ps360+, on the vlx kuro the timing for these 1 frame combos feels extremely stricter.

My main dream for my VLX Kuro would be to have a PCB that can work on all consoles, install easily and make use of all the buttons even the touch pad with the least amount of input lag possible.

BROOK will release PS3/PS4 Fighting board. If you are interested in it, please contact with Paradise/Jasen/Focus shop…

MagicStick M5 and M5s will fully work with PS4 without 8min timeout.
And it’ll be planned sales from 18, November. (in Korea)
MagicStick M5 Special (Wired Arcade Style Stick)
W: 341mm H: 232mm D : 141mm (3.4Kg)
MagicLab MSR58 lever (circular guide)
Sanwa OBSF-30 Buttons
MagicStick M5 (Wired Arcade Style Stick)
W: 302mm H: 212mm D : 141mm (2.2Kg)
MagicLab MSR58 lever (circular guide)
Sanwa OBSF-30 Buttons

By the case itself, it looks really cool. I would buy it if they supported full Korean-mounted levers and isn’t a hassle to ship outside Korea.

After looking at the pictures, I notice a reset button which seems weird especially when the claim is there is no eight minute timeout. Also no touch pad support. Cool case graphics though.

price for pcb?