New arcade stick from Sanwa Electronics!


These pics were taken by Game_Watch at the recent Tokyo Game Show, and shared by MarkMan. They appear to show a new arcade stick that’s being produced directly from Sanwa and the working name is “Sanwa Seiki Receipt Expression”, or “Hope” (?) depending on which translator tool you use.

The model on show is for PS3, has 8 button storage slots + 2 plugs, a spare joystick storage slot, and 2 spare balltop slots. It also has built in LED’s to illuminate the face buttons, 2 key-locks for the case, and a carry handle.

I couldn’t find any mention of a release date, price, or region availability. The case looks like it’s made of very thick plastic, but that’s just speculation on my part.




That’s pretty pimp




Not long enough for my pool cue to fit in - aka design failure.


Strange design… :expressionless:

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Sanwa 6-button led lit = win. It’d be sweet if it was 2 player if it has to be that huge.


Forget the pool cue, that thing looks like its designed for a nice shotgun or something. :slight_smile:

Its nice, but very narrow which I really don’t like.


I highly doubt this thing will go on sale at all. Not saying I won’t buy it if it does because I definitely will (and mod the hell out of it to make it into a 2 player stick. :smokin:). This either is a really elaborate mock-up of a final product or it’s just a show-off custom that Sanwa made to showcase all their new products in one exhibit. The thing looks super good though, but it’s irking me that those two buttons under the Start button are off center. :arazz:


Two keys, that far apart? Is this a nuclear sub?

Clear buttons and balltop are win though.


and all these people were complaining about the lack of wrist space on the fightstick pros…


It would make so much sense if this were simply a demo unit… but interesting none the less too see Sanwa’s take on the genre.


The little sign in front of the stick in the first pic says “Reference product - 2011 Concept Model”…

Back to the stick itself: nifty ideas, but not my cup of tea. Way too wide but mostly too narrow for my tastes. I like a good palm rest of my sticks.


buttons and balltop are awesome but the case not much, if it were 2P well it would be perfect :slight_smile:


One thing I will comment about the stick that makes me extremely giddy is the fact that Sanwa hasn’t forgotten about the good ol’ Sega Astro City layout (Versus City?). By far my favorite layout and one I thought was getting phased out by this newfangled Vewlix business. Sega for LIFE.:rock:


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I want a Versus City panel recreated :frowning:


Larger than a VLX is just too much now.


makes it seem like you can hide a shotgun in it.


The idea is like Razer but much more add (LED,more storage) but that thing looks like a case for an RPG-7 lol. its still pretty nice.

Those LED look nice i wonder if it has and different modes like the FGwidget


If I buy one, I will make it a full Seimitsu stick. :slight_smile: