New Arcade stick user... Tips?

Hey everybody I finally register after being a forum reader for over a year and a half. Well I have tried a couple sticks be4 like xarcade and hori ps3 stick not the hrap3 the retail 1, and they all had problems hori 1 suxed for playing tekken delays like crazy and was only ps3 game compadible. The x-arcade 1 the stick wouldnt respond to left moves so I just sent it back. I got the sticks awhile ago well last week I found a HRAP2:SA suppose to be the best stick ever so I got 1 and a ps2- ps3 adaptor, And it works awesome best stick I have ever used. I tryed it with SC4 awesome for SP online is just BS on SC4, so then I tried T5:DR it was aesome but then I was like let me get a real fighter( I think SC & Tekken ppl can mash so any1 can play it)I tried SF:collection 1 & 2, alpha & SF vs M. Awesomeness But I wanted to post on here because I have been using the dpad 10+ years and I can liunk moves togeather and with the stick shoryukens dont go threw sometime try to and sometimes I’ll shoot a Hadou any tips for a stick newb I know lots of practic i’ve been playing 8+hours a day w/ it but my friends when they use dpad can still box me in a corner and just get moves off faster. So any tips for a arcade stick begginer would be awesome

Thanks for all the advice,

One advice would go to Tech Talk and read their stickies. Its sorta hard to convert from a medium you’ve been using for so long, but, its all about practise TONS OF IT.

Its tough but you’ll get alot further if you set goals for yourself. Try going into practice mode and work on your execution until you don’t even have to think about it, thats really the only advice that you can give.

stick to it