New Arcade Stick


I just bought a new arcade stick and the ball top spins. I looked it up and ppl have said it’s supposed to spin, then I came across one that said it’s not supposed to spin a certain way. Can someone clear this up for me since I bought it used and want to be sure. Thanks!


If it spins counter-clockwise, and it eventually falls off, then that’s not right. The ball top is too loose, and you will need to open up your stick and re-tighten the ball top.

If it just spins and spins and spins in either direction, and the ball top doesn’t fall off, then you’re fine. That’s normal.


Thank you!


Haha. I once opened up my stick to tinker around with the parts. Re-assembled it and had some matches with some family members. Some time during that, the ball top came loose.

All it took to fix it was to properly (which I didn’t do) tighten the ball top to the stick.

You have nothing to worry about.