New Arkadestick Stick
Tell me what you guys think?

It has a custom plate that is 6mm thick so the hight is exactly like the cabinet AstroCity. Weight about 3.5Kg (8 pounds?). Insidepics (with cool lexan wiringdiagrams) will be posted soon.

man that looks awesome.

Wow, real slick. :tup:

Clean, and very well constructed. I can’t wait to see those inside pictures.



glad to see you got your new design working Per! looks great :slight_smile:

Looks good, but why are stickmakers putting the buttons so far away? Sanwa layout should(?) allow you to play with one hand and this one doesn’t.

My guess would be personal preference; thats the true joy of custom stick building.

Sanwa layout might be to congested for some peers.


Hmmm, I want to build my own stick and I’m finding theorizing difficulty(:P) at keeping the thing in one piece and the mounting plate.

How do you attach the mounting plate and how do you hide it? And what do you use to keep the thing in one piece? I’d like to use something that allows quick disassembly(for the most part then) without damaging it.

Thanks for all the kind words :).

Hi buddy! Yes, now it is finally finished.

Look in the “Official Sanwa Modification Thread”, it is all there.

That is straight awesome woodwork.

How did you achieve those shapes and curves?

Thanks! The design I made using router and a sandmachine (and other stuff). It takes time, belive me.
It is made of 50mm mdf (yes, 50mm).

well done Per, you raised the bar for bendy woodwork on srk. hmm, temping me to make another joystick.

drum sander?

That looks simply AWESOME!!! You my friend have just raised the bar! :tup:

thats too good

that shiet is beautiful… i love how u coutersinked the screws for the plexi… how and what screws did u use to do that. looks like its about the size of a agetec but with more beauty and style… KUDOS!!!

Amazing, speechless. :wow: :tup:

Now that I look closer… it seems he used drywall screws! LOL!

The Mulla
Thanks man!

I think it is called that, yes. Maybe I can get a pic of it someday.

Thanks! They are special mountingscrew for wood, I can maybe take a pic of them someday. I have them in goldcolor to ^^. Also, it is Lexan, not plexiglass (I guess you know this ^^).

Edit: I countersunk it using this:
And the screws I am using are these (this is the “gold” model).

It is not. Like I said, I will take some pics of them.

EJM, CrotchMonkey, Kyoji.

The size of the box is 310millimeters x 240millimeters (good space for hands). Hight from the back is 50mm and it slants, the front is 38mm.