New Arkadesticks stick..... (Gaara)

OK, here is yet another stick. I made it for myself but have no time for games now (have a LOT to do). Stick is open for bids if anyone is interessted…


what does that say… i love something

Did you get the 30RG button from Rod? I only see 30RG in black color in his site.

Edit: Nice stick by the way. I like how it curve down in the corner.

Per, you got a way to get a hold of flash’s yet? PM me.

The Mullah
You got PM.

It says Gaara.

First off all I got these from Sanwa (Tokyo). Second, Sanwa dont make black buttons (exept for the squareones). Maybe Rod have written it wrong on his webpage, I dont know. His says OBSF (snap-ins), mine is OBSN (screw-ins).

totally rocks

The artwork isn’t quite my cup of tea but the curves of your case-design are just so damn sexy. Too bad you didn’t have time to make sticks for me, that would’ve made it all so simple. I’m notoriously bad at making decisions when given too many options to choose from so I’ll probably end up with a very similar case built by someone else anyway. As for this particular stick I’m not sure I could afford a Flash and RG-buttons, I assume you’re looking to get about 1800 SEK if you end up selling it?

Edit: Whoops, 2000 SEK even…

Q No. 1\ I take it this is using a PSX/PS2 PCB - correct ?
Q No. 2\ how much you want for it inc shipping to UK ? ?

I know you said its open to “bids” but the only place I bid is ebay or the local car auctions :rofl:
let me know how much your wanting on it, i’m certainly interested.

edit, if possible give me your price either in Euros USD or GBP

Thanks man!

Did you contact the ones I told you about (finkle, EJM et.c)? The price I do not know, we have to see.

Answer No. 1\ PSOne Dual Shock, yes (I have Gamecube adapters and Xbox Adapters for sale also, Gamecube Joybox and Xbox Dreambox converter, brand new offcourse).

Answer No.2\ I have no price for it so people who want it just hit me with a PM what you want to buy it fore and I think about it.
Send me a PM and we can talk, ok?

PM sent

I did, simply can’t decide on a case-design and consequently who to build it. My feelings for different designs seems to fluctuare almost as fast as the clock-frequency of my computer’s CPU but always comes right back to ArkadeSticks in the end. Unless I can come up with something better real soon I think I’m just gonna let someone (most likely EJM) build me some JPN-stick bootlegs :-p

You got PM…

Is my design that different? I have seen EJM`s latest work and it is smokin (you rock EJM). Just get a stick with enough surface to rest your hands/wrist on while playing and you should be fine, ask him what dimensions ha has the stick in.

Also, I can change the plate et.c, no problem.

I’m not sure what it is, gotta be that Scandinavian touch which appeals to me. But yeah, EJM’s sticks in general and the Outkast in particular does rock.

I told Rod about the error on his page but apparently he still hasn’t gotten around to fixing it (I emailed him over a month ago).

:tup: Cool stick. The stick looks nice and so does the art


He is really busy.

Thanks! Gaara is the coolest ^_^.

OK, now I have uploaded insidepics of it. Tell me what you think please:
Scroll down on the page a bit and you will find them (it takes time to load because the pics are big).

Thats a really nice stick man , the insides look so clean too :tup:

Your attention to detail is uncanny. I can’t come up with a big enough number representing the time you must’ve put into that stick…