New Art from Me!


Well it’s been years since I’ve posted new stuff here on the FanArt section of SRK. Well I figured it’s time to post some new stuff since it seems like this place is getting more and more artist now :). Well I hope you guys enjoy the pics. Later.



Heres some more…


I will post more as I get more scanned…alright well see you guys then. Thanks.



nice stuff dude. i havent seen your old art but this new stuff looks real original. was the giant hand on hyde done from life?


Yea I looked at my own hand :). Here’s another drawing of mine…hope you guys enjoy it. Later.



What’s up? haven’t seen you around much. The last time You probably saw me I was still Stormhammer, but it’s the same guy.
I don’t remember the old stuff you posted, but the ones I’ve seen here look tight. welcome back.



They all looked good.:slight_smile:

The last one looked a bit like the Batman cartoon style.:slight_smile:


Damon- Yes you are correct I drew that in the Bruce Timm Batman Animated style. If you guys haven’t seen most of his works it’s really great stuff. I dig all his work…there are a lot of other artist that draw in the same style somewhat. Well thank you all for all your comments once again…here are a couple of more drawings from me. They are a bit old but new to the board…well enjoy them. Thanks.



Here is another drawing from you me…it’s a tattoo design I drew up for a buddy of mine. Later.



Here is another drawing of mine…it’s a Vampire Chick I made up…hope you guys enjoy it. Thanks.



Once again another drawing from me…enjoy. Later.



That carnage pic is my new favorite. Right click, save as…