New art in KOF Xii low resolution

Tell me, if the art in KOF Xii is all new and hand drawn, why is the resolution still SO LOW in comparison to other games? The backdrops are gorgeous but the characters are still low res…Is it really new art or is it simply touched-up old art a la the new MvsC2 for PSN?





Yeah, these look just like Neo Geo sprites alright.

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Although it definitely doesn’t look just like Neo Geo, I was pretty underwhelmed seeing it in action in the arcade.

Do the sprites run in 200% during gameplay and 400% during the closeups?

The only thing I thought looked low res about this game were some of the flame effects and even then, they’re obviously redone.

Listen son, if they’re gonna redo the graphics they may as well make an effort!

Lol-there’s a filter for the console version: Original, EPIC FAIL

It’s not touched up old art, if it was we’d have a much larger cast for the first “new” game from the company. Not to mention many characters feature new animations (or animate some old moves differently).

People will never be satisfied I swear.

It’s not enough that SNK even redid the sprites, after reusing the same ones for over 10 years?

SF HD has like one frame for each move and a measly amount of fighters, and it still took a hell of a time to make… And in the end it looks worse than the original! :rofl:

Blazblue has very basic shading(like outline, basecolor and one shade) and way fewer characters. KOFXII has outline, base and several shades per color.

SF4 is 3D.


You obviously have no idea how much RAM 2d sprites take do you? considering a single KOFXII character probably has more frames of animation than all STHDR characters combined how the hell do expect them to fit 2 characters plus all background animation into current gen consoles RAM at higher resolutions? just shut the hell up already cause obviously have no idea what kind of nonesense is coming out of your keyboard.

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Touched up old sprites oh my god

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I think it looks fine, 2d fighters never look FANTASTIC in still shots anyway, its all about how it looks in motion.

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If that isn’t “effort”, then get the hell out of here.

Way to put a spin on the lazyness!

So spending 16 months animating and drawing a single character is laziness now? Damn.