New Arthur Teams

Who do you guys think teams up best with Arthur from the characters Revealed thus far? I think i’m liking Dr. Strange and Firebrand, both seem to have good projectile’s and nice keep away. Also Dr. Strange’s **Bolts of Balthakk **looks like a really good assist.

I think Arthur will still be better as anchor than anywhere else…

Strider will probably be quite good with dagger assist, with all dogs/birds and teleports…
Strange could be good for similar reasons.

Yeah Strider with dagger assist, sounds really good. Also gold armor fire bottle assist might be pretty good for Strider.

Arthur is one of the easiest characters to put on a team, IMO. Ancthur with daggers is useful for any team. The only thought I really have to put in is the chemistry between my other two characters. I don’t use fire bottle much because I feel relying on a power up super for a useful assist (like with Hsien-ko) is too gimmicky. I’d rather put my assist characters in third spot with a ready to use assist right away. To each their own, though.

As to which new characters I want to pair with Arthur in UMVC3? Ghost rider. Chains + Daggers all day.

I’m probably gonna try out Hawkeye/Deadpool/Arthur as one of my teams. Can’t wait to Triple Arrow + Golden Dagger, confirm into Net Arrow, and do a combo of my choosing. The durability of those projectiles combined with the quick start-up of Triple Arrow could potentially trump the horizontal zoning of any team. Not to mention Hawkeye has a medium durability projectile too.

I’m also still waiting to see Rocket Raccoon in action. 4 legit zoning characters to choose from? I might just have to pull a Viscant and switch out my secondary character depending on the match-up.

Don’t forget Dr. Strange! He looks like he would fit your Deadpool gameplay in that he can use daggers to assist his keepaway as well as mixups with teleports. Strange would fit my main team in the second spot like a glove. I am looking forward to RR as well.

Edit: OMG, Hawkeye has a medium priority projectile!? WTF!?

vergil’'s teleport crossup with arthur’s daggars all day. plus iron fist duh! on my team nemesis and hulk doing hyperless combos stock piling 5 bars for arthur to xfc and nuke anyone who is left.

Rocket Raccoon, Phoenix Wright, Arthur… All day… Maybe Ghost Rider.

Well, I plan on running Ghost Rider / Doom / Arthur. This is partially because they’re three of my favorite characters in the Capcom/Marvel universes, but I’d also like to think they maintain a good bit of synergy.

Daggers helps GR lock down and play a good ranged game. They should also allow GR to extend combos off an OTG Hellfire, so that alone should be immensely helpful. Despite the fact that I’ll likely use Arthur as an anchor, Ghost Rider’s assists will probably benefit him well. They all require testing, but we know Chain of Rebuttal has quite an extensive range and causes wallbounce. This is nice because it can generate a) happy birthdays, b) distance between you and the opponent (on hit it sends them back to the other end of the screen), c) it could open up new combo extension opportunities for Arthur, and d) it could allow Arthur to start combos from a distance perhaps by pulling them in with a scythe. While this seems great, Hellfire and Heartless Spire will need some testing. I’ve been hearing that, apparently Heartless Spire has some serious invulnerability and gives major + on block. If it’s true, the assist might have a possible vanilla Tron-like quality. Could be useful as a get off me.

And Doom… well, we all know how nicely Doom and Arthur can benefit one another, and the synergy of GR/Doom seems great, but that’s for another thread.

I was thinking if Nemesis has a rocket launcher assist, it could help Arthur out alot depending on how big the explosion is and how much hitstun it does. I can see daggers and rockets becoming very annoying in the future.

Frank west is looking beastly, think i’m going to add him to my Arthur team. The best team for fighting off hoards of zombies lol. Rocket Raccoon looking like a space pimp, cant wait to try him out also.

Im gonna test Dr. Strange/Hulk/Arthur

the obvious teleport+dagger mixup, but i can also star Arthur with Bolt of Ballsacks!!

I’ve been running Task/Hawkeye/Arthur with good results.

I’m doing Frank West / Arthur / Hawkeye and its working pretty well. When I want to be SUPER LAME I do Ghost Rider / Hawkeye / Arthur… then I zone people out for 99 seconds and get hate mail about how I don’t know how to play Marvel and I nod my head in agreement :slight_smile:

I have solid rank results with Doc Strange(Bolts) Hulk(AA Gcharge) Arthur(Daggers)
Arthur supports the team more than the other way around.

I think anchor is still his best position but im gonna experiment with him on point with another team.

Been doing well with Nova/Sentinel/Arthur. Fun fun fun.

Arthur/Ryu/Amaterasu has been my team since I picked up Classic, and I’m not leaving them anytime soon. Ryu and Ammy are versatile enough with their assists that Arthur can do well on point; Amaterasu’s Cold Star stops ground rushdown dead in its tracks so Arthur can get away and lock the opponent down, and Ryu can either give a Shoryuken for anti-air (if timed well) or a Tatsumaki to push them away when they’re in close. They’re also good DHC swaps, with Kakusei/Mist for a utility exit, or Shinku Tatsumaki/Okami Shuffle for a panic exit. Arthur compliments both of them very well, as his daggers help Ryu move on the ground and Amaterasu can dash with them to bolster her lockdown game.

I’m sure there’s a better team out there, but I love these guys. <3

Beast Mode with Swagpool / Firebrand / Arthur these days. Wondering if i should use the Dagger or Fire Bottle assist though, I normally go Katana Rama with Deadpool and the Swoop with Firebrand. Doing pretty decent with this team, the synergy plays out pretty decently.

I’ve been fairly successful as of late on Live Ranked, playing Authur on point. His King’s armor+gold arrow spam+basic projectile assists catches many off guard. I guess because there are so few Arthur players around that they don’t know how to handle it.

Gold arrows are awesome, they home in on the enemy and fly through a lot of projectiles. Jumping S is also great for defensive melee, that players underestimating Arthur and running in, often get hit by mine & launched for an air combo. They don’t see it coming from authur.

And i think armoring-up is much more useful than goddess bracelet.

Yeah, Arthur becomes MUCH better with Golden Armor… and yeah, it’s better than Goddess Bracelet… But when the armor breaks, chances are, you’re dead.

but still no reason to play him on point.

1- Arthur has really bad meter filling abilities, on point he tends to always have less meter than his opponent because he fills little meter and spend a lot of them.
2- His assist is pretty good.
3- He NEEDS meter for lv3, which is AMAZING, probably the second best lv3 in the game… only loses to Phoenix Wright.
4- Golden armor + xfactor 3 is godlike… in Ultimate, I think Arthur is among the top 5 xfactor 3 users… he was pretty good in Vanilla doing that, now he’s bananas.

Really, the only reason I see to put Arthur on point is fill one bar, then golden armoring into a safe DHC just to have Powered up daggers assist which is arguably the best projectile/beam assist in the game.