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Hi. How’s it going?

That’s great. Listen, i’ve written a batch of new articles over the last couple of months which i’d like to bring to your attention. They mostly focus on combo design but some of it can be applied to match strategy as well.

SF Combo Construction Essentials

  • main topic: How do you create an interesting combo to show to your imaginary friends on the internet?

SF Combo System Interpretation

  • main topic: How do combo engines grow as a game matures?

SF2 Engine Randomness Rundown

  • main topic: Just how much random nonsense can fit into those old games?

SF Charge Conventions

  • main topic: How does charging really work in Street Fighter games?

CvS2 Combo Dummy Lineup

  • main topic: What does each combo dummy bring to the table?

The article about charging contains probably the least accessible technical info as well as the most useful practical info of the five articles. If you like CvS2, make sure you read the article about combo dummies because it’ll give you a much better understanding of combo videos in general. The article about randomness in SF2 series has a lot of fun facts. The other two are more vague, so it depends on how much time you’ve got i guess.

Questions, comments, discussion are very welcome.


Majestros, I’ve been reading a lot of your articles and have been referencing other people to it because of GGPO st lately…great work man. simply awesome reads. <3 <3 <3


Very interesting read. You give an excellent overview about a lot of important factors. I really wished however, that in your analysis of the SF engine and charge conventions articles, you would have gotten into the details a little bit more and give examples of instances/characters that display these (e.g., Dictator having more charge time than other ppl).

Overall, an excellent series of articles.



thank you

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That was a popular belief? That’s the first time I’ve heard of it.


Great articles, Maj. i love your use of the thesaurus


Thanks guys, i’m happy when i can be useful.

Well, T.Akiba and NKI already got that covered. I linked to that URL in the article itself so i didn’t want to repeat all the same info. If you have any specific questions, maybe i can answer them here. But i never really make charts and graphs or record numbers or anything like that. It’s all in my head until i can build a combo around it.

Back when i was first trying to understand how some players can pull off multiple Sonic Booms in one combo, a ton of people told me that the slowdown makes it possible. In all this time, i’ve never seen anyone provide a definitive clarification.


maj is gdlk


Very interesting articles Majestros.


I’m not entirely sure why i felt like writing this, but i guess there’s some cool stuff inside:

SF2 Chain Combo Minutiae

Lots of common knowledge about SF2 chain properties, along with some newish stuff that i should have explained a long time ago.


So i’ve been kicking around the idea of starting something like a blog on Sonic Hurricane. I’d probably update it a couple times per week, and the focus would be split between technical combo ramblings and match strategy observations. I’m not the best player around and i’ve never won a tournament, but sometimes i notice stuff that other people don’t. Since i’ve been around for a while, maybe my ideas would be interesting to some of the people who came to SRK hoping to understand fighting games better.

The only catch is that in order to justify the amount of time this demands, i’d have to install some ad banners and such on the website. Um… Is that cool with you guys? I’ve been producing multimedia content for the fighting game community for almost a decade now and i’ve never tried (or wanted) to make any money from it. In fact even if i do go through with this, i honestly doubt i’ll ever break the minimum wage barrier. But it would still help to justify the amount of time i always sacrifice to work on a video or write an article.

What do you guys think?


Ads are everywhere, and your site is good enough to make me brave a few to see it. :tup:


That’s true, ads certainly are everywhere these days. Still, i know it annoyed me to see all these tacky websites popping up trying to capitalize on the SF4 hype by rehashing SRK material.

In my defense, most of the stuff i’d post would be new content but if the general consensus is that keeping the internet clean is more important, then i should save everyone the headache.


I say go for the adds. There’s no shame in that.

How not to do it: Eventhubs. Fucking pop-ups and retarded ass shit.

Good: Most of the stuff on is at least game related and not intrusive.

If adds mean we get to hear some good insights then go for it.


you know , the 1st thing in the morning when i got to srk forums is that i clicked on this thread which says ‘New articles on Sonic…’ which i thought it was a new SONIC fighting game coming soon lol .

but good SF articles anyway , i love it


There is still more randomness to be covered on ST. Some I can think of is that if you try to do a low short into SUPER with Ryu, even with perfect timing, the game sometimes doesn’t combo the two together. Another one is that there is a small chance that a perfectly executed reversal throw during a wake-up will not come out as a throw but as a normal attack. Another is that any reversal special move that hits on the first frame has a chance to be unblockable.


Yeah, i’m just gonna post up a couple of google ads. There shouldn’t be any popups. I hate those things too. In fact i can’t understand how eventhubs managed to get so popular with all the annoying garbage they have on there.

Yeah you’re probably right. Even though ST is helluva old now, i’m sure there’s still a few things we don’t know about the game engine.

However, the Ryu combo is already covered under “Superfreeze Duration” and it’s even listed as the example. The unblockable instant moves seem closer to being a glitch than a randomness thing, because that’s been corrected in subsequent releases of ST. Though now that you mention it, i’d love to see that investigated further to see if the randomness of those moves carries over into combos as well. And finally, the throw thing probably deserves its own article because there’s a lot of throw-related weirdness that deserves examination.


I’d read the blog, and if you put the ads in smart places it won’t be all that bad. Kinda like how Iplaywinner does it like someone mentioned.


Welp, the front page is up now so i guess i’m actually doing this.

The layout is going to be ugly for a (long) while because i suck at web design, but as always, hopefully the content will make up for the ghetto presentation. In the meantime feel free to leave me comments about how lame it is that searching for “Guile” brings up zero results.


Cool. First step is hard. Continuing is harder, good luck. +++REP THIS MAN /\ /\