New artist on the scene


Whats new playboys and girls, i’m a penciler because…well because i can’t color. I finally got ahold to a scanner for some pics of mine. Keep in mind that there not fan art but i would like to be critiqued. If i get a good responce i’ll post more. I was so happy to have excess to a scanner i just sketched these out on the spot.

The first


and the second.


The first sketch kicks ass, but the second… well, I get it but it looks a bit bulky. It’s done pretty well though I can’t draw that well, I like sketches and pencilin’ better 'cuz they are the cool basics.

I give a 8/10 :smiley:


learn how to speak english before you draw kid, it might help. as for your drawng… eh, pretty crappy but not the stinkiest crap.


-Ash- I’m glad you like them

-Sweet- a bit harsh but i can take it.


i like the second one, and ummm dnt worry about Sweet, he always says that (you should see his stuff though, pretty damn good, so he can knid of say that stuff). cant wait to see more… peace

P.S.- forgot to mention, i think you should make another version of the second drawing, i think that could look really nice if you took some more time on it… peace


Give the kid a break will you?In DA GAME’s opinion,this is some good stuff.Good job kid.


:slight_smile: Hai, moo ukagaimashita.


WHAT? Ok before this gets out of had. I am American and only know how to speak english.

Sweet said that because i had some horrable grammer mistake when i first posted without editing.


are you sure sure your not asian american?


Here Sweet let me correct your spelling now.

Are you sure you’re not asian american. You like that? haha. Hurry up and get some games in on lagbox before I cancel my shit.

Oraying those drawings aren’t bad at all. Keep it up and you will be good.


i like the first one alot, but i got to tell you - i’m not fan of the peekaboo thong lol. nice work.


so, sweet, can you plz link us with some of your amazing work?


i liked your art a lot, except i agree with whoever said the second was a little bulky, also, the left wrist seemed a bit fat, Oo but still very very good ^-^


I love the first on you drew even thoug it could look a little more feminine. I like the concept on the facial features. On the second one, the demon thing. I’d have to say its unproportional… Keep up the good work ^^