New AT: Pivot Dash Canceling

Basically how this works is you dash and then pivot the other direction and you should see your character do their pivot / turn around animation. Keep holding that direction for a second and then you can d.smash, f.smash, u.smash, or any move you want and they will retain the momentum of the pivot allowing you to do things like sliding up smashes with squirtle, sliding forward or down smash with MK, among many other cool things. This also allows you to cancel your run into ANY move, not just dash attack or up smash, so you can do something like run up pivot away from the person and then down smash. I’ve been doing this with MK and it’s pretty nice since the back hit on his down smash is his best KO move. You can also mix it up and just press grab and towards them and they’ll turn around and do a dash grab out of the pivot, so you get some mix ups out of it.

Best use I’ve seen for this is kinda like old wavedashing though. If someone approaches, run away from them and immediately pivot back towards them and punish with a down smash or whatever. Since you’re sliding it really helps with spacing and you can cause people to whiff things.

Also you can cancel your pivot back in the direction you were coming from, so you can rapidly pivot and move away from someone by something something like run away from the person, pivot towards them, immediately cancel back away from them, pivot towards them, lather rinse repeat. It’ll let you whip out a sliding move whenever you need it.

Overall, it’s one of the more useful ATs I’ve seen discovered.

That’s a very interesting technique. I cannot wait to try out in a match. I can see characters that have a long reach really benefiting from this, but I could be wrong. Thanks for the link :woot:!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Tell me what you guys think about the AT after using it IRL. I don’t have anybody to play with right now (I’ve become a hermit in order to cram for the MCATs) so I’m not too sure about the effectiveness of it.

I had a chance to use it in real matches today although I’m not completely comfortable with it yet but I’ll give you my impressions.

I tried it with squirtle and although he does get tons of distance, since he faces the wrong way it’s actually kinda hard to setup unless they jump. If you could do a sliding forward smash facing the direction you’re sliding, it’d be way better, but his pivot is really nice so I was using it to just pivot away from them and slide back in with an up smash.

With my main, MK, I was having some pretty good luck with it. Mainly how I used it was running away from the person as they approached and then pivoting back. If they continued approaching me, I would hit them with a sliding down smash. I tried using the sliding backwards forward smash with him, which seems like it’d be nice for retreating from a person, but since the nature of the pivot is kind of slow, it left me open a lot trying to run up and do it. So instead I tried mixing it up. Run up, pivot, then shield, run up, pivot right in front of them and then down smash, or just run up, pivot early and then keep going the opposite direction from them. It created some confusion and gave me openings, so it definitely has some use. It’ll just take some time to work it into my normal movement and not have to think about it, then we’ll really start to see how effective it can be.

Good luck on the MCATs though, I hear they’re pretty tough.

I’ve always hoped that something along the lines of a WD would be discovered in Brawl, and I guess this is the closest thing to it.

OMG I can’t wait to see the effect of this AT on the metagame!

Can we stop calling things ATs please? Also, I suggest we call this “SRK-anceling” instead.

Looks interesting, though.

:u: Seriously. I really hate the SWF nomenclature for this kind of stuff, as if you have to use these “advanced” tactics to be decent at the game. Shit, let’s call parry xx super an AT too. Because it’s more than one input! Oh shit!

word, SSB players just use “AT” to create the illusion that it requires execution. lets see some ssb players ptf, kara dp, or ROM infinite.

Wait a minute? … isn’t this the same thing as the pivoting fsmash stuff that people have known about for months? Im confused.

Not really.

In general, it seems like all this can really do is make your pokes safer.

To bad it does not work with tilts T_T
… or does it ;o