New autofire detector feature!

On Anti3d they now have a feature that tells you if ur using it… pretty slick…

oh btw… on CDL’s thread… wtf is rising move? is it a 360? becuz I have no trouble doing those at all… and Im on kb. but 720’s -_-"

I think he mean’t wake-up, but CDL’s full of shit anyway.
This thing better not be glitchy. It would suck to be accused of using auto when you’re not.

How does this feature work?

I just tested it in a one-player game. It displays a “Possible autofire warning: Player _” message in the corner of the window where chat and desync messages go. You need to hold an autofire-enhanced button for a full second for the warning to come up, so they ought to make it more sensitive than it is now; say, 1/4 second of auto should do it. I mashed the hell out of a non-auto button and never got the warning, so there probably won’t be any false accusations by the server. By scrubs, always.

Yeah I just tested too. Never did so much mashing in my life on the keyboard, and it still refused to give the message, so it seems totally accurate. I’m going to lure some people into that server sometime to test…

Good, now I can use Honda and Blanka in A3 and no one will give me shit about using auto anymore.

It’s not good enough yet. Players may still hold an autofire button for less than a second and get away with it. As I said, the input time needs to be reduced to at least 1/4 of a second for it to be worth anything.

Well, if it’s still for about a second, I doubt they can do much with it. My main problem was when I was attacking and they hold it during my attack and retaliate the second there’s an opening.

Wake up, rising, etc, etc,. I mean whatever move you do as you are getting up off the ground.

Now, I am going to go see if this auto fire detector is any good. Now, they need to come up with a detector that senses macros.

While they’re at it, they should code something into SRK to detect forum trolls.

You khnow, if wakeup dps are such a problem for you, just turtle on their wakeup and punish accordingly. Most people that just blindly dp on wakeup aren’t any good to begin with, and easily punished.

I knew it was too good to be true. I broke it without it detecting. But, I am not going to post it here so maybe people won’t find out just yet.

*However, there will be no false positives. It won’t detect a rapid tap from a human.

Dude, what the hell are you talking about?

OK I wrote the autofire detector so here’s the story…

It’s just in beta test phase now, I have some ideas on how to make it better. So if you think you can fool it now, you won’t be able to in the near future.

As it exists now, there’s no fuskin way it’s giving false positives. No human could do what it’s checking for. (Funny how some well known people were trying to deny…)

Jinrai you are right about the second timing, but that’s actually adjustable. Type /help in your game window, or type /detectautofire. Server will explain how to turn on/off the detector and how to change the sensitivity.

Should I post a daily webpage of the people that got caught? :badboy:

I have a feeling GW won’t be adpoting this any time soon.

Once it’s out of beta testing and you’re relatively sure it’s accurate and stable. :wink: btw, nice work, moosehead! :tup:

Now for the real question: you guys all tested to make sure mad bashing didn’t trigger it, but do any of you have an auto setting to confirm that it does work?

Moosehead: I see, thanks for the info. And sure, go right ahead and post who got caught. But keep the list visible for a week instead of a day, hehe.

Pluto: Because the owner of the server is a scrub?

Okay, did some testing. A couple questions, tho. When you type /detectautofire ON, and it says restart required, you simply hit F3 at that point? Secondly, default is 25 and 10 is most sensitive…what exactly is this?

Again, very impressive, moosehead! :tup:

No, all users would have to drop and restart. Just setup the sensitivity before you start the game, from the game chat box. Anti3D is set to 25 sensitivity by default, but server owner can change that or leave it off by default.

In this version, the number of consecutive frames of continuous rapidly alternating keystrokes. It will feel like different time depending on if you use bad/good/excellent/ etc. Likely to change in the future as I improve the algorithm.

cos baka himself uses autofire