New av 4 my crew

hey guys i need an av for my crew " Tw!$t3d ". whoever takes this request i ask that the BG is a bright blue wit a black outline. in mine can i have a pick of blue and black magneto. put Tw!$t3d at the top left and Remix on the bottom right of the pic.

Here yo scrub…pretty basis…

That shit is hot snake good job! if u dont mind arthur needs one and so does my boy josh. So can u make one for them too? keep everything the same except for arthur put a blue and black sentinel and his name Chaos. for josh a blue and black Iron-man and his name J360. Thx!

Snake? Is everything ok?! Snake?! Snakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :rofl:


Damn my sent is sexy.

<< Newest member of teh twist :woot:

OH SHIT SON, my nigga snake is part of twisted now. we reppin hard.

Snake is the realness. Owning up in multiple games bitch. Teach me CvS2 son.


cool looking avs.

^ Kenji on yo avater ?? Good chit ! :nunchuck:

Indeed. Nicely done SNAAAAKE. :tup:

indeed it is :pleased:

You need to put SNAKE on the bottom right hand side fool.

Sup snake can u make 2 more of those avs (one wit Rubyheart blue and black wit the name “Fundamentals”) and the other (blue and black tron wit the name “Twisted)Jago”)



i feel like playing mg3 all over again cause of snaaaaaake…

Nice man, i like your new av too! Stay twisted my nigga. :tup:

i <3 how remix, chaos, and j360 are all wearing different avatars i made for twisted… wtf O_O