New AV request

Would it be possible to get an av looping of Sentinel c.HP, Rocket Punch, HSFing either storm or magneto? Premium size of course. I’m sure it’s a lot of work but if anyone is interested, feel free to post in this thread. Thanks!

I never played MVC2

I would be interested in doing it but I don’t think I can find c.HP and I dunno what HSF is :sweat:

Ah that’s cool. I got the one with the drones thanks, if this is it?

But the crouching c.HP would be very appreciated.
In fact… ever since you taught me how to get images out of mugen files I’m now able to that. So maybe if you could hook me up/point me to where I could get the Sentinel file, that would be cool. Or if you would just want to help me with the c.HP that would be cool too.

Only Sent i could find right now:

But it’s from Marvel Super Heroes. . .should have what you need though

HSF look like:

Appreciate the interest. :smiley: Will try to find some images to help out.

c.HP is basically the laser beam coming out of his mouth, then rocket punch, then HSF.


I basically want want J Wong does at 1:02. Sentinel c.HP (beam), rocket punch, into HSF looping over and over.

Bump. dub you think you can make this happen, or is my request not doable?

Yeah man totally doable. Working on it as we speak.
Doing it between other stuff though :sweat:
The longest part for me is always cutting away frames :[ and with this one I’m also having to chop out a whole bunch of frames by hand Zzz :smiley:

Either be done with it later tonight or have it for you tomorrow morning.

Awesome, pos rep coming your way.

K… very very tough getting all the moves into 48 Kb

Not sure this one actually fits, lemme know.

This one should fit for sure.


If none are to your liking lemme know and we can try and work something out…

That’s pretty sick actually. I like the timing in the dynamic ones the best, seems more even than the static one. If possible after the rocket punch can you have 3 drones launched and hit simultaneously like in the videos? The super has 3 drones, while the regular move has just 1. If you could do that and throw “RiceRocket” in somewhere, you’d be my hero.

Edit: In the video I previously posted you can see the super at about 1:00. In the mugen video it’s at 23 seconds or so. Also of the 3, the last one is my favorite!

Had to dump a frame to fit the 3 rox… hopefully it’s not too noticeable.

meh forgot to add the “RiceRocket” one min :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn that’s top tier… can’t wait for the finished product.

Does that flash by too quick for you, or is that OK?

Made more sense your name actually being on the Rox themselves :]


u wark too hord…

Thanks a bunch!