New Av Request!!

I finally found a wonderful ppg animation site…I’ve got some links that I’d like to be AVs, please if you can, expert, amature, or novice! :smiley: I apperciate it

Here’s the home site so you can browse and come up with your own cool ideas

Oops, Fixed.

Here you go hope you like it…

dude please red queen, say that ur gonna make it for them before you do. Someone else make it for her.

you might wanna practice somemore on yourself before making for someone.

Yea i’m not going to make any new avs till i get my new photo program and i’ll tell the person that i’m makeing it next time…

well, I wanted one or the other used, not both.

Thanks though.

Nothing Fab but i had a few…

whats wrong with the av you got now o_O

if i get 2 other requests done and your not happy with what other people have done, ill give it a shot

Nothing’s wrong with the one I have now, I just would like a new one… Cham do you think you could make it move or something?

cham thats a pretty cool design liking the japanese symbol thing going on,its cool.

ok… hows this… a little simple but not sure what you want it to do…