New AV request.


I want a new avatar, will someone help me. I have 3 ideas for them. The first one I want it to be another Ryu one. Either sprites from 3s, SVC, or CVS2. The second one being a Ranma 1/2 one with male Ranma and Ryoga on it or Genma in panda form. The third one being a ode to Pikachu.:o I would really appriciate if someone or persons do this for me.


I’ve got this one. just give me a few days to make it.


Thank you for the help.:slight_smile:


ok ill do it…ill be finished in like maybe an hour:p


Thank you too. :slight_smile:


ok gimpy here it is…hope u like it…if u want anything changed just tell me…if u dont even want it than thats ok…i just started making them…but i hope u like it:p


Gimpy. do you still want me to make you an av? I can definitely make you a better one than the one that TetsuAKA made. lmk thanks

TetsuAKA. okay, buddy. normally I’d be flameing the fuck out of you right now but your new at this so I’ll hold back. Do Not ever steal someones customer! not only is it extremely disrespectful but it can also be a real pain in the ass for the first person. think about it. what if I had spent the time to make an av just to find out that you already made one and I no longer neet to. that would mean I just spent all that time makeing nothing. so, don’t do it again. okay.


Ditto on that. TetsuAKA dont take a request if someone has already said they will do it.


sorry about that pheonix…i didnt know…i wouldnt have made him one but…on a different thread i saw that more than one person had made and av for some guy…i wont do it agian…sorry:(


Yeah, I still want you to make one. Thanks TetsuAKA for the av. I like it. I really can’t be picky since you and Blue Phoenix are doing this out of kindness. At least I will be set with AVs for awhile. Thanks to the both of you.:slight_smile:


TetsuAKA. that’s okay buddy. no prob;)

Gimpy. I’ll make it sometime tonight or tomorrow, k.


No prob.:wink:


yours is done. hope you like it.:cool:


Thanks! I like it. Now out of the appreciation of you and TetsuAKA, I will rotate every week both of your AVs. Both Av’s are too good to not to use both.


ok…thats cool gimpy…and sorry agian pheonix…i wont do it agian…good job on the av too:p


TetsuAKA. that’s okay. were cool;)