New av request!

I’ve had this av .dub. made for me for a while now, so I suppose I could get a new one now.

My request? An animated av. I’ll describe it: Urien tackling Chun outta the screen, and then Urien in his victory pose (The one where he smashes the ground and the blazing inferno comes up.) And then if I could get some text come up. I’m not real good with witty lines, so if it was possible if someone could come up with a nice line? If not, that’s fine. Heh.

Hopefully I’m not asking for something too challenging or impossible to do. :sweat:

If it’s not do-able, feel free to make something else that’s somewhat similar. Thank you.

Bump? :shake:

Allright, if my request is just too over the top or not possible, then just do whatever you want with it. Just a cool Urien animated av would be fine.