New Av


Need a new Prem AV…:wgrin:

One with Aerith Gainsborough from FF7 plz would be nice…any takers?

Thx :woot:


requests get picked up faster if you provide links of pics you’d like used and a general basis of the style/concept you have in mind for the av.

Not dogging you, just saying.

Food for thought.


no i know, i just havent found any good ones yet


Get one of that sexy Aeris cosplayer. : D


this request needs moar aegis reflector…


:wonder: Avatar moved to the free avatar thread… dood![/COLOR]


:u: i aint diggin the flower …:rofl:


But she’s…a flower girl. :shake:

Too gangsta for ya LBC?


:shake: Ugh, I suck. My bad, I guess I’ll just give it away in the free avatar thread… dood!


you know the kind of things they would say in the premo thread??? :shake:

Dood: no u dont suck, dood…


He’s got a good point, as kickass as the avatar is. Kid sporting a pink one with a flower would never hear the end of it :rofl:


TOL thread. :rofl:

True that. I guess it’s all about how you sport it. :confidence:


I’m going to support the gayest pink av I can find.

bet it.


that was a nice av, but didnt digg the pink or the flower


wtf do you expect? It’s Aerith.


Unless he asks for an Aerith Palette swap.

Damn now I feel like getting a Power Ranger av. Hmmm I wonder if I could get good footage of a morphing sequence or fight scene…


That makes me want to switch to my Dragon Zord av, Valaris.


That av is godly.


It was mostly the flower i didnt like

EDIT: everyone ignore this thread…:bluu: