New Avatar Please

Still don’t have the programs that I need to make some blazin’ Avys…Anyway, can someone do me right with a new one…Since you have to be a Premium member to have a custom Avatar at Tekken Zaibatsu…I would like to rock one with Tekken characters…I love women…And these 2 pics solidfy my desire of women…so can someone do me right (no Homo)…and combine these two pics for me…:smiley:

Damn 240 seconds rule…:bluu:

and this one


No takers???

Both of them? Hm. I’ll see.

good lookin’ out Soul!!! :smiley:

Just Bumpin’

wow. I just checked my sent PMs and it didn’t go through.:rolleyes:

Any ways, I tried using those two pics. They came out ugly. I couldn’t make them look right in an av.

Ok, How bout makin’ this a avatar?

and put “Shit is serious” at the bottom…:lol:

Edit: With any pic of Magz in it…Thanx, if its possible.

Got it.

[I love women…And these 2 pics solidfy my desire of women…

you must have a BD :rolleyes:


You almost done, Soul?

Hit me up on aim for it. My internet is crapping out too many times.

Soul, you’re never online…:bluu: