New Avatar request. Pic included!!/151-200/159-magmar.jpg

I want it centered on Magmars arms and head. I want it to have a boarder of fire. it dosnt have to be animayted but I want it to look cool. i like the background of the pic and if possible I want it to spin for a flashy fiery affect. If thats not possible, its cool. i also want to try and go for some kinda light flashes on magmar so it looks like he’s in a bright fiery place. I want it to look fiery…basically. i also want it to say “The New Firetrainer” in a fiery font.

If someone can do this, i would really appreciate it. Also, I encourage more than 1 person to work on it. I want to have a variety to pic k from. Hope thats dosnt sound assholey.

Anyways, I appreciate if you try. Thanks

Hey sucka, I hope it turns out as cool as mine :smokin:

can someone please make this. I dont eveen care who. :sad: