New Avatar Request

I love my current avatar, but I’d like to have some alternate ones.

  1. Q transforming into Big O

  2. iPod parody - iRandom (scrolling through character silhouettes, or whatever neat thing you can think of)

  3. iPod parody - iHenshin (Viewtiful Joe)

  4. Alex performing his alternate Hyper Bomb (from behind) on anyone, looped. Basically just Back Dropping someone to infinity.

Standard sized, premium sized… whatever you can do. :tup:

quick bump, then letting this die off

Did I mention that I don’t need all these? I just wanted one of them. ^^;

who or what is Big O?

the letter “O”, very big.

Uh, no. Big O is from a show called Big O. It’s a big robot.

I would be willing to craft you a Q/Big-O av. (Big-Q?)

If you are willing to wait for me to get my computer all set up with a graphic editing program…

I’m willing to wait for whatever you can give me. I’ve got enough patience to piss of a monk.
I love your work, btw. :bgrin:

Ye Not Parrying… Big Q Action!!1111

More like:

Q:… (Big Q, SHOWTIME!)

Taps keys, flips switches, controls come down

Screen: “Cast in the name of Third Strike, ye not parry.”

Q:…! (Big Q, IN ACTION!!!)

I finally got photoshop, so I’ll try to get to this request when I have the time.

I need to watch more Big O, it’s been years! :frowning:

They need to make a new season of Big O. Hopefully less confusing than the last episode of season 2.

“Big Q” - yes! XD

They are not going to. Season 2 was the final season. They were never even going to make a 2nd season but after the initial cancelation, they got enough fan support to do a 2nd season. So they had to wrap up the story, thus the reason it was a bit confusing.

I’m working on the av.

Thanks. Take your time. :tup:

I guess PM me whenever you’re done…?

Damn. Anyone read the manga? Does it at least explain what the hell was going on?

The series explained everything going on. Did you miss something?

version 1

version 2

PS, that shit is HAWT… lmfao

This is too awesome for words. Nicely done! :clap:

I’m very dissatisfied with the way it turned out. I had to cut out a lot of animation in order to fit the size limit. It’s been rough due to my not having Animation Shop at my disposal anymore. (been without it since I got a new pc)

I will rework it so that it’s to my liking once I get things figured out more.