New Avatar Request

I just want guile to be on the left of the avatar and every time he points his finger i want my name to come up and when he dosent i want it to go away. The background i just want someone to make it look cool. I will be keeping it for a long time.

Meh, here’s a quick one I just made while watching King of Queens:[FONT=“Arial”]

—> Avatar removed by Yeah Dood 120%… it was stank <—

I made it quick so it’s not up to snuff so you don’t have to sport it if you don’t want to… dood.

[COLOR=“Yellow”]120% edit: I removed mine and let Jushiness take the request… dood.[/COLOR][/FONT]

awe… x.x; i made one too

:rofl: No biggy Jushiness, I’ll get rid of mine and let him take yours. :sweat: Mine stunk anyways… dood.

heh thanks n.n;

Thanks man I appreciate it