New Avatar Request

i’ve had this chun li avatar for the longest time (years), and it’s time for a change. i’d like a cvs2 avatar featuring eagle. if my name can be fit in there (lowercase, popoblo), then ok. but if it looks awkward, then you can take it out. not too picky on the background color, something that meshes well with the pics would be nice.

i’ll enclose 6 pics, not sure which ones will work the best. the one with the japanese text to the side, i just like the pic because it’s a different angle. the more pics that can be utilized, the better.

so here’s the pics, and thanks in advance


PS- pretty important. the color i always pick when i use eagle is the same color scheme in the LAST pic. the light blue (or purple, i’m kinda color blind) pants is pimp, and the the black pants are too simple/plain. so if the avatar maker could change any color in the other ones to the color scheme in the LAST pic, it would be greatly appreciated.

this one would work best in the lower right-hand corner IMO

hey ill do it for ya ^_^.

Edit: heh nevermind i see ur postin dem hehe ill get to it as soon as possibal…

pretty dope pic, mp counter that shit:D

his win pose, another sweet one (and good quality)

just ignore the japanese text…

standing pose, really nice pic

hey i tried to fit as much as possibal so sorry if this aint what you wanted.


thanks a lot man, that’s unreal

i love it