New Avatar 'the mysterious stranger"


No rush… anyone up for making me a prem avatar of the mysterious stranger from Mark Twain

Here are the pictures i have (any one of them will work)
^this one is my favorite

No text needed

Just make it look tighter than a 12 year old.


:wonder: I’ve seen that guy before:

He straight sonned those clay people… dood.


^^ please say you’ll make me a smexy avatar Yeah Dood ^^

I just got done reading the book and I can’t believe I have over looked this shit so long.


:wonder: I have an idea for it, not sure if I can pull it off but I’ll give it a shot either later today or tomorrow… dood!


I can’t wait to see what kinda of craziness you have in store for this avatar. I’m pumped.

Also, thanks for taking the request =) Dood
make it a premium or non or both :stuck_out_tongue: if u can


Rawr! i can’t wait to sport my new avatar =D you rock Yeah Dood!


You still working on it Dood?


:shake: Sorry man, works been killing me lately. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get to this, or any of my other request I have at the moment. I apologize for the holdup… dood.


I tryed lol, didn’t find ant real good images.


Cries… still no prem yet… =|

19.5 KB blows…

I like the Avatar tho =) thanks for your time working on it.


Could you possible make this a normal sized avatar for now?