New Avatar


If anyone remembers the bad guy Thanatos, I’d really like a avatar of this top tier Vampire

I’d really like this avatar to be animated. Here is an attacked pictures it’s of the dark lich (Thanatos’s final form).

Also add the text “Sephiroth” somewhere in the gif.

Thanks to whoever takes upon this artwork.


Here is another picture of Thanatos


:bump: can someone help?


umm… i got 2 requests right now… 1 is fairly simple… the other might need some work… but i might be able to get it up for you by tomorrow night, or thursday afternoon

just make the post in my thread… thanks


:bump again:

Seems hadoken king backed out :frowning: Sad 2 cuz I love his artworks.

Would someone else please help me out?


I’ll do it, if you do not mind!

Check my thread( in about 10.


i didn’t back out

you asked seth to do it, and he did it…