New Avitar for me please

cant figure out how to close the topic. but thanks to Lalo for the avitar…well, if anyone else makes one, id love to see it. you guys amaze me sometimes…

again, Loffter has to be yellow, Tolgata is green if you use it, and my charecter are King, Ryo, Malin, Chang, Kim, and Yuri… ill narrow it down to that.

This one is better dude, but you can use whatever you’d like, peace -Lalo-

i like them both… even tho i prefer the sprites in the second one (cause they are actually SNK sprites… in the one im useing you used capcom), you got king in there, and shes my best charecter. ill save the other one and use it when i get bored of this one though. thanks again

yeah np dude, and i did use snk sprites for the 2nd one, peace