New balrog player



I can say my balrog is about as skilled as dead is at breathing.( terrible analogy) I have only used him online, and my win ratio is 26.88. Idk what i’m doing wrong really. I watch videos on him, put in work in training. then I go online and get destroyed. It might be I use and xbox controller and I have a hard time with charge buffs, but idk.


Can you give us an example or a video of what you feel is you losing? it could be something really fundamental or just ignorance on your part (not knowing what you should or could be doing in certain situations)? What do you feel you do right/wrong when you win and what do you feel you do right/wrong with you lose?


For Starters I have a terrible game on knockdown. I feel really pressured to just back off and build charge. Another thing is I just trying to land simple combos that end with headbutts or dash straights. It’s either me or it could just be difficult to hit on xbox controllers.


Here is a quick 2 games against vega. In my defense I have maybe fought 2 of them so far so I don’tknow much about them.


When you are charging, you don’t really need to be walking backwards to full screen. Try doing down-back charging. When you dash straight or any other move from full screen, it’s really easy to punish, a la when Vega was doing his EX Scarlet Terror.


Yea I know that.It’s just I felt he would apply a lot of pressure, which i’m bad at dealing with.


This may give you an idea of what a match against Vega COULD look like (don’t take it as the holy grail or anything):

In my opinion, i think you just haven’t gotten comfortable in the character and how you decide to play the character. Spend some time and focus on all of his buttons, figure out what all of them do. I’ll echo @RedGouf and say “use down+back” for godsakes. And I say that in a nice way. Full screen rush punches is like the 1st commandment, DON’T. My advice is to look online (plug: my youtube), and find other examples of Balrog players who win. Not necessarily those who are “GOOD” Balrog players. You should be looking at any Balrog player who wins a match and decide why they won. Do this also for Balrog’s who lose. Try to use their mistakes and successes to get an idea of what to do and not to do, then add your own playstyle into it. Balrog is straight and narrow and really honest. At mid to high level, ALL balrog players play alike in that they use the same tools.

Also play a match without down-charge, just like people say that some Zangief’s meat-spin, so do Balrog players down+back for dear life. There’s nothing to block from Vega full screen when he doesn’t have any down-charge. :slight_smile:

#8 I’m starting to feel a grasp of him more and more every day :smiley:


MUCH BETTER! Keep at it.

I’ll resurrect this thread, most of the bullets are still really true. I’m quoting this so at that last part you would know not to resort to something as slow or as dangerous an ex.rush punch to chip or kill him.

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Nice, maybe we’ll get some really outlandish new stuff. This is a copy of what I posted from the MU thread:


@3nigmat1c That’s some pretty awesome useful info. I’ve always tried to meaty TAP for chip. I’ll have to try this out.


I actually wanna upload some matches of my Balrog because I’m eager to improve my game. The only issue is that i just have a camera to upload them with, well its a 2000k dollar camera my family has so it cant be that crappy. I hope it will be ok and hopefully i plan to upload them and have it ready by tomorrow sometime. Here goes nothing for this is my first time doing anything of this nature


Go ahead and upload it, you might want to do it in the videos sticky thread since more people will see it.


Currently uploading to youtube. UGH takes so long


3nigmat1c, what is a good strategy against Akuma? I can’t seem to feel comfortable up close or at all fighting them.

"Gettin' that Bike $!" AE Balrog Match-up Thread

I’ll answer that in the matchup thread. :slight_smile:


New question. I have a B rank rog now, and I just keep getting wrecked by more skilled players. I’m not frustrated, it’s just I need to make the next step up but I don’t know what I should be practicing.


What’s your PP like? I’d suggest looking at the matches and trying to figure out what they exploited in your game play that led to you losing. Was it just yo making a mistake, them getting lucky, missed inputs or a situation where they were actually more skilled than you and you lost because you were outplayed. It may also help to post it and ask for some advice or help or opinions as to what you did wrong and what you could improve upon.


My pp is 2300


Okay. Aside from the fact that PP/BP is somewhat meaningless to a degree, It can mean that you’re relatively consistent in ranked matches. So look at your matches and try to figure out what you did wrong/right, and/or post it on SRK to get a second opinion. Maybe we’ll tell you the same things you already see or we’ll see something you don’t. So forth and so on.