New Bandai/Namco Tales of... Fighting Game?

Kotaku just released info about two new Tales of… games. One is called Tales of Vs.

Could this be a new fighting game?

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deadfrog you make the weirdest posts dude.

this is a dumb thread because theres literally no reason to think this is a fighting game yet. on top of that, its a kotaku link.

Here’s to hoping it won’t be handheld only, if it is a fighting game.

Interesting. Any non-Kotaku link for it? Possibly at the bottom of said article? Kotaku has made up utter bullshit before. Many times.

This is Kotaku and there really isn’t anything that suggests it’s going to be a fighter. It could be just another Tales game.

Tales fighting game would be pretty baller though, considering the battle system pretty much IS a 3D fighting game.

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Real source plz.

True. Just like Final Fantasy Versus XIII isn’t one either, despite the word in the title.

I think it’s gonna be just another damn rpg…

Heh, “Tales of Vs.”?

Quick, some one needs to tell all those Japanese Mugen devs that they may have been on to something all along! :rofl:

I know it’s fun to rag on Kotaku, but really, “reading is fundamental”. :rofl:

It’s linked at the bottom of the damn article itself… :sweat:

That said, it’s just patent information. And any one who’s followed the Tales series for a good while, would be familiar with the notion of how these patents may or may NOT yield any thing, much less if they actually have plans to market such a title in the US.

Then there’s the notion that, as listed above, it may or may not be a Fighter. It’d make sense, considering Namco probably would want to see if they can go all “me too”, after seeing SE do pretty well with Dissidia, but we’ll have to wait and see on that.

While I’d like to see a Tales game (especially if it was a 2D game, made by the “Team Destiny” portion of Tales Studio), part of me wonders if it could just be out-sourced crap. And if it’s not 8ing that it’s being outsourced to, then really, do we really need another game in line of “Soul Calibur Legends” or etc?

Don’t play with my emotions namco…i’ve dreamed of a 2d tales fighter…farfetched?

My main team: Stahn on point, Rita in reserve, Reid assist (Gamma).

It is a fighting game. I guess it’s going to be something like Smash Bros.


Guess they wanna compete with Dissidia.

From what I can tell, it’s basically Tales of Vesperia battle mode, with an assortment of characters.

And it’s apparently based on the LMBS system…old school

Why anyone would want to compete with Dissidia is beyond me.

It’s Final Fantasy.