New Batman cartoon coming: Beware The Batman

Uhhhhhh… I’ll reserve my judgement for now.

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

He’s got a ninja sidekick and Alfred has guns? Ehhhhhhhhh…

Nightwing with boobs and a sword.

This looks like garbage. What happened to our standard of western cartoon animation?

It disappeared. Now you can have the drawing ability of a 6 year old apparently.

Will any Batman cartoon be as good as BTAS? New batmans head looks weird. Alfred w/ guns hurts my eyes. Female nightwing/ninja “sidekick” is too damn skinny.

Definitely not digging that art style. Looks like Samurai Jack on a lower level of decency.

Chick is Katana, who has barely any ties with Batman but nonetheless is a DC hero.

Looks like ass. Batman’s outfit is a poorly imitated Nolan one. Somehow Alfred is buffer than Bats, young, and can akimbo handguns for no reason.

I’ll pass thanks. /salty

I remember raising an uproar when I saw the first production shots of Batman Beyond, but completely changed my mind when I watched the actual series.
This however, sorely tests my open mindedness. I really hope this is an overly stylized version of the actual animation style.
Akimbo Alfred concept is kinda dumb.

batman beyond was great brave and the blod was ok that “the batman” was good too…nothing gonna touch BTAS so you can’t even compare. this new one however…i can’t go off looks but if that nigwing in rule 63 form then i quit.

also its too many batman cartoons out…can i get a static shock remake:eek:

also lol @ alferd with akimbos

looks like ass…no point in alfred using guns if he never shoots anyone besides robots…

The Batman was suprisingly good up until about Season 4.

why cant they just bring back batman TAS or even justice league goddamn. WTF IS WRONG WITH U WANKER BROSS!?

Lol Alfred w/ guns. Next they’re gonna tell me Katana is an android and Bruce can summon a colossal mech machine to fight Gotham’s crime.

Yea The Batman was cool for a good long while. I even like the movie.

lol we’re getting closer and closer to making the big o canon.

what batman brave and teh bold wasn’t good enough? The fuck it wasn’t, shit was cash

That’s Katana, a DC character.

Do you even watch western cartoons?

This show will have Glen Murakami as executive producer, and Glen worked on Superman TAS, Batman Beyond and Justice League.

Oh that’s been done actually and it was AWESOME everytime it was on Batman: Brave and the Bold. Batmobile transforming into a Bat mech? That was too much.

Really stop your complaining, guys, you’ll prob. end up liking it in the end.

Hated The Batman. BatB was cool, what little of it I saw. Nothing will ever touch BTAS. Even the shared series w/Superman is leagues better.

In all honesty I’ve never been disappointed with a Batman cartoon.

Are you kidding me? Katana is a founding member of the Outsiders. A team created and lead by Batman

Yes, a team lead by Batman for about six issues before he disbands and they reband for oh…four years with only a one issue appearence by Batman in that time. She wasn’t a part of the second or third incarnation of the team. Then returned in the 2007 and 4th team once again with Batman…who once again leaves shortly after.

Despite it all, they have no chemisty together and it’s an odd choice. Batman has nowhere near the relationship to Katana that he has with Dick, Tim, Barbara, Stephanie, Cassandra, or hell even Jason.