New batman suit

shit has this been posted?
i think i got this first
screenshot of bruce waynes new suit in the new movie.

Seeing that makes me even more impatient waiting to see the movie.

It has been posted in GD, and I stick with my original opinion: I liked BB, but I am getting tired of the foam rubber-looking batsuits.

daaaamn, that new suit is very fkin slick!

I would like to see the miller-esque grey suit in a future movie. You can still have it flexible and not look hokey. Check out Batman: Dead End for an example

Eh, I expected it to look as versatile as the Begins costume(neckpiece not withstanding), but that looks like a throw back to the Burton days. :confused:

as good as it looks, the suit makes batman look like an action figure.

Which is quite possibly exactly what they had in mind.

yeah, thank god people feel like that in the forums. batman is a fucking ninja, he needs a sleek suit to do all the acrobatics that he does, he can’t do crap in rubber suits, but fuckin hollywood will never go to that…ugh

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PS: You can find the image of Batman’s new suit just about anywhere without the use of a scanned image. Oh look what I found…

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