New Bison combo on youtube(strikeshadowzz)



Nothing new, but cool trailer.


Yeah. One of them looks longer than it actually is: you can not link two cr.Forward kicks unless they are meaty. The counter shows it is only a 7-hit combo, when it looks like it has more hits.


not true, you actually can link two crouching forward kicks without it being meaty. Though the timing is so difficult it isnt really practical in a real match, but it would be a nice demonstration in a combo video.


You couldn’t be any more wrong. You can’t link 2 crouching forwards without the first being a meaty and having it hit on one of the last active frames


ive done it before and i know other people that have. i am absolutely right


No, you haven’t and you’re wrong.


yes i have and how would you kno if i have or havent? also a bison player named hundo has done it.


I know you haven’t because it isn’t possible. Unless it’s a meaty your lying.


not lying, i have absolutely no reason to lie. I did it in training on zangief. He was standing there for a good 5 or 6 seconds before i started the combo. Im being cool about this and not trying to be a dick because im assuming you are unaware that you can link the two mediums without it being meaty.


So how long are you going to continue this charade?


no longer , you made me realize that you dont know what you talking about and will never listen to what i have to say, so there is no changing your mind. but i will accept your appolgie when you find out the link is possible. p.s. just because you can’t do something doesnt mean no one else can.


Yes because frame data explains it cannot be possible. Also frame advancing the game without frame skip turned on shows it isn’t possible, yet some random guy comes in and claims it is possible because he’s done it in training mode and seen someone else do it.

Also it’s spelled ‘apology’ and you’re dumb.




time for a gentlemen’s game. settle this with a good old fashion bat fight.


This is a video of Swole T linking the two medium kicks.



pasky i took the time to record myself linking the two crouching foward kicks without meaty to spare you from another embarrassing foot in mouth infront of everyone moment. i couldnt get the video to embed so i had fingers of fury do it for me. The video is crappy quality but you can cleary see the undenieable proof in it. i think the video is about one minute long and you will see it took me several trys to actually pull it off. the two cr. fowards link is the very last attempt at the end of the video. i will now accept your ‘apology’ though i dont expect it from someone with as much pride as you. Though if you were any kind of halfway decent person you will apologize. I however do expect to hear from you that the frames were screwed up or that i some how cheated as a way to get out of being proved wrong infront of people. But if you do apologize i will no longer rub this in your face. Also i will encourage you to play the game and learn more from personal experience than always relieing on frame data.


Looks like the frame data is different between HDR and Classic for that combo. I can consistently pull x2 against anybody but shotos or chun in HDR (I believe Shotos and Chun, are not capable of being combo’d this way but this is just going by a quick test).

However, if I switch to classic mode ST Bison I can’t hit that combo at all even against a fat character like gief or Honda.


LOL Pasky thinking HDR=ST

Pasky is going to explain to frame data that the two crouching foward kicks without meaty is a combo, frame data u r a bad bad boy LOLOLOLOL

Swole T wins


Sure, I’ll admit I was wrong and I was the idiot. I apologize, in haste of my own stupidity I never bothered to test it on HDR, I did repeatedly test it over and over on ST and was positive it wasn’t possible. I couldn’t recall any notes on changes to Dictator’s frame data so I assumed it was the same in HDR. Makes me wonder what else is changed that Sirlin didn’t mention.