New bison player

Well i’ve been looking for someone to main a long with Rose and i started using Bison every now and then. I like the pressure game you can do with him and that he is a charge character, plus i’m able to be a little more aggressive in my play with him.

I’ve gone over his frame data and stuff so far. So is it best to start learning his hard match ups first?

Welcome to the forum, it is the best one imo. everyones nice and knowledgeable… proabally cept me. haha

Hey welcome to Shadaloo! Wow… you use same characters as I do. I main Bison, 2nd Juri and 3rd Rose, but Rose might become my 2nd I’m currently learning her. You should feel right at home using Bison because he is very mobile with amazing pokes and footsies just like Rose

ATTEN Mods: this is official alpha 3 artwork from Capcom! It’s not porn! Get you mind out of the gutter! Bison is clearly saving Rose from falling off a cliff!!! What else would he possibly be doing!?

To answer your question, I don’t think you should bite too much off at first. Make sure learn the basics first like his combos, his pokes, and understanding his moveset. Like Danny said we’re pretty tight here so don’t be shy to ask any question you might have. We have a Q&A section and you can even ask in the social.

hey there ! try to beat his challenge first, and let me know if you have trouble linking his c.LK (so that i feel less isolated and miserable)

Welcome man. I too use Bison and Rose. I’m a San Diego player and here there is a player by the name of Genghis who uses the two also. He’s extremely good at the game, check out vids of him if you can.

Well I’ll put in my 2 cents. To me, the duo of Bison and Rose is a great one, where they are both beasts when it comes to footsies, but Rose has the lame game and zoning aspect added, whereas Bison has pressure (but can play a solid lame game too). I would just say know your limits. Don’ pressure too much. There are characters that can eliminate Bison’s pressure game, and it’s hard to come back from a life deficit against characters who do that, i.e. Guile. Speaking of Guile, you probably should learn your hard matchups. Not even that, but you should learn how Bison stacks up against the cast, and more importantly, how YOU stack up against the other characters. When I play against Fei Long, I lame the shit out of him and can easily st. RH against his attempts at getting in (jump in, chickenwing, etc.), but someone else may not be able to do so, and in turn they get pressured to death by him.

Hmm the combos I would start to learn and use at first:

cr.lp,, xx lk sk
cr.lp,, xx lk sk you will be forced to use this one on Balrog after most crossups, the usually whiffs
cr.lp,, xx hk sk

At some point later learn the x3 link to lk sk. The only reason I wouldn’t start with that one is because on block it is not an airtight block string, people can slip dp’s and other moves with invulnerable frames between em. You can also go into the above combos off most jumping attacks.

As far as matchups go, if you can handle Guile and Honda you can probably handle just about everyone.

Bison may have most fearsome ground game but you have to prevent them jump in at you…distance control and make they respect your space.
you need to balance out and work your trick from begin to the end of the play.

I am not really good, but I have some trick I learn from everyone I can share:

  1. bait
    Devil reverse, teleport back, Light Psycho crusher, Slide, EX devil reverse.

Those move act mostly as bait, it all depend on your experience and your opponent position, if you release those bait, and they bite it, you follow up combo.
basic combo,,, s.fierce, tic throw, frame trap, overhead.

scissor is not 100% safe when you release them, is only safe AFTER you land it, (and not 100% against EX super armor character like GUY)
know your match up so you can add more bait and make you look unaware but actually ready for it.
wake up s.fierce can sometime act as frame trap, it also prevent them dash back, but get reverse by Ultra or EX.

3)risk management
know your risk and reward, bison have not bad balance between them (if you rely on his safe option and bait more)
when you pressure, leave the gap so make sure they escape by the route you give to them and punish, problem for certain bad match up is exist, you can’t play the boss character without some headache, Mirror match, Guile, Chun, Gief, Honda, Fei, Akuma, Ken, T.hawk, Able, furte, and vega are my bad match ups.

Bison is very fun if you explore those pressure/bait/punish/feint game,late xx and nail it with ultra while they think get free jump in,
Slide and Wake up ULTRA, even EX Psycho and Ultra work sometime, those bait and punish just depend on how other player react to certain move…
unfortunately, Bison is really good against beginner/mid tier player, when AFTER you reach certain lv, his weakness will be exploited by some match up.
your bait will get harder to get sure bite, and even they bite, you can’t punish safely or not enough damage, worst case, they release bait against yours and yeah you bite it hard…boom you get something in your face so hard and leave scar.

mostly, chose your style to play, being rush character, or defensive focus, what ever you do…
Please support OFFICIAL BISON PRESSURE and make them respect your PSCHOOOO POWAHHHHH.

I just saw a few videos of Genghis’s Bison and Rose play. I like how he uses them.

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that is a lot more to remember…
BTW now I know reason why Bison fierce punch glowing purple color :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t mind to pay extra for any DLC that Bison can put cape on like Guile does on his RayBan.

lol i hadn’t tought of that

I don’t get it.



/b/ full of normal Bison.

Glad to hear that. Let us know how your Bison and Rose endeavors are coming along.

Finally found my main and its bison. I have learned some basic combos and some advanced ones:P finally i make some progress

Bison is only person survive the Shin goku sasu, (瞬獄殺 as said, instant noodle murderer. :P)
EVEN Akuma have to respect his bispsoness, and of course never do shin goku sasu at Tuesday.

OK enough joke, let’s do bipson chat/bullcraping:

Bison have been solid since when he was in the cast of ANY street fighter game, he never top tier, but he is not even low bottom crap either.
mid high tier and require a lot more thinking then just fight with instink (which it stink 99% of time without adding any brain to it.)

  1. Bison, a pure mind fuc character, his move set most of time is simple, and dominating in certain area (frame advantage, damage, but only 1 section)
    he is kind of extreme if you look that way, Ryu should be a standard and BASE character, and Bison should be double blade: if you use it well you deal twice the pain to your rival, BUT if you stupid enough to playing around without using brain you will get hurt badly. a double edge sword, as Bison in my mind he is.

  2. most move bison have are strong, but is not brainless push WIN bottom.
    so your plan should be develop when facing different character, and noticeable thing is his combo don’t deal big damage either when you can punish your rival, maybe because range, maybe because your position, or losing charge if you have to (overhead and you can’t punish with PC because there is no charge so you only did is kick him) most of people know this already, so pretty much this is free to them. But!! don’t be afraid, since they think is free, bison 18’’ boot don’t think so, his boot and shining shinguard always thinking Tuesday.
    his move set are not scale down (but kinda like combo), since most of them is not combo, for example biggest damage bison can deal is around 200/250?, and that is like Head stomp, EX skull diver,, PC, 1st head stomp is not count, so there is no scale down, his ability is very useful when you lock your rival at corner and you got the lead AND they about to die…your chip make them panic, EX Headstomp chip is A LOT, HELL EVEN normal PC is A LOT, since there is no scale down, most of stuff you do is real damage but kind of weak in begin, but when walk into later stage, no your damage output start getting higher if they start doing stupid things and getting bait out by your bipsoness pressure.

game plan:
You got to made it to later stage, and make your ultra count,it is very mind blowing/frustrating/RQtempting when they think you are so free and get nail by nightmare booster…practice your xx, this is not the chance you can miss to punish his long time free jump-in, and this also answer the call of them that jump-in to Bison= no more when you see I got ultra.
I punish some jump in with dash back and jump, nail them at mid air/very close to ground…depend on character and their jump high/arch, I even do a wake up dash back and catch the teleporting in dalsim and ultra him there…it just depends, this is only thing I am very good at, other stuff I am not so good.

Play more, you got to see what higher lv player can do, and so make your Bison really solid as AEGIS system, it intercept and shoot down almost all incoming stuffs. Make your bison like that is very tough but yes there are some bison I think is like AEGIS system…freaking mind blowing when they do that tuesday mind fk bison frame trap purple punch.

Have fun, don’t switch character.
Above statement are support and sponsor by Shadowloo, the YESYES Tuesday company.

BTW I start thinking Chun-li, OUCH her poor village now become Ruby Tuesday.