New Blanka Ball Punish?

We all know either of Abel’s ultras punish horizontal roll on hit/block. I’ve read that dash step kick punishes if you block standing. I’ve been practicing that for a year and still can’t get to work consistently.

So a friend told me fierce CoD punishes. Only works if you block standing. You just take a step after blocking then CoD. The timing can be tough. I do the CoD motion while still in blockstun then press HP as late as possible.

If this is old then can somone please have it added to the match-up thread since I didn’t see this under the blanka match-up

P.S. Also is anyone planning on starting a new match-up thread for the new characters? Searching through 130+ for strategies is rough.

Yep - that’s old news.

And yep, there is a new match up thread: