NEW "Blazblue Continum: Shift" discussion!

Famitsu from 23rd of September has some info on new release of BB.
I wonder if it’s the rumored update.

as long as top 3 get nerf idc what they do with the game. more health to ragna tho please. loland a roboky cmd grab that sucks life

You would be more likely to see top 3 stay close to the same and everyone else get buffed than to see the top 3 get nerfed.

Based off the pictures though arakune has something new and so does Rachel.

New super for Rachel?

I’m sold.

Don’t think much of Tsubaki’s outfit though, didn’t even recognise her until I’d been through all the screenshots without seeing her and realised the girl in that freaky outfit must have ben her.

When do these usually hit jap consoles? A year after Arcade release?

Seeing as all these things where rumored / confirmed depending on how sceptical you are for the EU release which has been stated as coming early next year I don’t think we’ll have to wait that long.

i cant wait for the local test videos :woot:

I still think it will be a disk not an update. around a year after it hits arcades probably with a console only super overpowered kli…character(s) as well. tsubakis outfit looks so fucking ill that she might steal me from my sword fetish.

this is not an update, this is a sequel. new character, new moves and interfaz for the life gauge, super gauge etc… is imposible update this into the actual game.

this is a whole new game for the arcades first. the eu release will be the same that the “original” blazblue. this new game will come out later. i dont think before autumm 2010 in consoles

Sure it’s possible. Ever look at the Guilty Gear series? SF2?


also all the new stuff looks really cool.

autumn 2010? Highly unlikely. I bet money it’ll hit arcades in the japan before the end of the year, then consoles next summer at the latest.


omfg yes arakune projectile

Stickied so people will have a place to talk about it. Exciting stuff

Anyone notice Jin’s new super? Heavenly spirit of victory much?

They just need to buff my favorite character and nerf their hardest matchup.

Game design is too easy!

Oh god so many people want to jump on the Valkenhyne train. :confused:

New Jin DD looks similar to Haku’s counter DD so if it’s a counter super that would be neat. I just pray they don’t nerf Jin as he was truly the most balanced character in the game.

Well if he gets a super counter without any nerfs it sure as hell doesn’t sound like he’ll be balenced lol.

He needs to lose something in exchange for it.

I’m just hoping that Carl doesn’t suddenly become more popular. Nerf him to crap-tier if you have to, but please don’t make him easy to use. I hate mirrors, no offense guys.

lol, I was going to say, I hope they do something to Carl so that someone actually get to playing Carl online. I’ve yet to face anyone playing Carl on PSN.

They could update it, they can easily revamp it that much on 360/PS3. Not saying they would/will, though.