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So I finally got my copy of Extend and this tutorial is amazing so far. I’m learning a lot of stuff that I never tried before, like cancelling.

After I get through all of it and maybe go through some of the story mode, I’m going to try to pick a main. So far, it’s difficult since there are so many good characters to choose from. I have it down to these three but it might change later on.

  1. Rachel Alucard (Looks, Challenge and fighting style)
  2. Makoto (Name and fighting style)
  3. Platinum the Trinity (Looks and random VA)


o so you can set up 2v2? can someone explain how it works. I feel when they release games like this, they just die off and scare off people.


Is the tutorial different from original flavor CS? Does anyone know?


Not really, I think there’s a couple slight changes here and there. I don’t recall if CS had a note about how to instant airdash in it.


I don’t think it did. But right, thanks.


In a player match. Just go to the top and click right or left depending on which team battle you want to do. After which, go down to your name and tap left or right to pick what team you want to be on.


Just picked this up a few days ago but I haven’t really been playing it all. I have some noob questions.

  1. Should I always be air and ground teching? Explain when I should do it?

  2. Why should I use the Shield guard looking thing(Advancing guard type shit)?

And can I get some beginner tips. :slight_smile:


#1: Yes, but you should do it intelligently. Not teching in the air lets people continue their combo. Not teching on the ground means your opponent can potentially OTG you into a brand new combo. That said, you shouldn’t roll or quick getup heedlessly - get in the habit of neutral teching (button + no directions) and blocking until you understand when it’s safe to try to quick get up or roll. Air teching is generally safer, so you should do so ASAP, just be wary of mashing - it doesn’t do you any good to air tech, get out of a combo, mash out a jumping attack and get CH’d into a new combo.

#2: Barrier guard has four major applications:
A) It pushes the opponent back far more than normal blocking, so using it will cause your opponent to eventually need to dash in to get close enough to continue attacking, or to risk whiffing an attack due to being out of range. Either of those events will give you an opportunity to counterattack or escape.
B) It’s crucial to blocking in the air - most ground-based attacks cannot be airblocked without using barrier.
C) Barrier guarding can prevent you from being guard broken when you only have one primer left - if you barrier guard the attack that would have broken your last guard primer, you lose ~1/3rd of your barrier gauge, but you don’t get guard broken.
D) Barrier guard prevents chip damage. This is handy when you’re low on life, or just in general when blocking an attack that does a lot of chip damage.


GGs Airk! I really need more practice at this. All the games I’ve been trying to learn are this jumbled up mash of fuckery in my brain lol, was trying to tech throws with SF4 throw buttons and pushblock at times. Also SF4 has utterly ruined my ability to do a clean DP in other games :frowning:

That move Tsubaki has that punches from the ground but counts as an overhead is nasty, if nothing else she has okay mixups it seems, it took me a bit to figure those strings out, and even then it seems like some of her unsafe moves you can just cancel to other stuff and catch people trying to punish. Her 5B still seems pretty decent too. I’ll try to get some more work in and we’ll play again soon!


Thanks! GGs to you too; I know how it feels to get things mixed up - heck, it happens to me if I just play different characters, I start to launch into completely wrong combos, and blah. @_@

Tsubaki’s grounded overhead is…kinda slow, but lots of folks have trouble recognizing the startup; I think I got a little too predictable with it overall though. Her 5B still covers a lot of range, but it’s no longer plus on block, so I can no longer safely try to close in if you block it at range (which happened a couple of times!). And yeah. It’s possible to do some deceptive stuff with D-move cancels if you have charge, but even the moves I cancel into are minus, so if you just block it all, I’m kinda screwed.


Im finally getting serious about this game after a while so im getting extended some time this week and was wondering. I really like Platinum but i really have no idea how to play the game, should i play Ragna first or is it ok to just jump right into Platinum?


Platinum isn’t too complicated; I think she’s a fine character to start with - you just need to keep track of your items, which is one more thing than you need to keep track of playing Ragna.

Run through the general tutorial (which will force you to use Ragna a little), and the Platinum character tutorial, then attack the first few of her challenges. Odds are, if you’ve played other fighting games before - and I see by your sig that you have - that it should be fairly easy to pick up and play, just try to remember all the stuff they infodump on you during the tutorial. And if you need a refresher on that stuff, you can check out the Basic Mechanics section of the Dustloop Wiki, or the various System Explanations (down at the bottom of that page). Also, I recommend everyone watch Beginner Mode because it’s entertaining and helpful.


Thanks man, that was very detailed and helped me make the decision to start with platinum.


Just got XBL set up and got newest BB. Been playing for the past few days, doing Trials and Challenge and online together.

So basically at most there was ever 3 people on the whole BB XBL network…wtf? Maybe cause it’s the holidays but still…and PS3 had even less? What? 1 person?

Tl;dr if anyone would like train me/with me/add me, my tag’s on my signature “Mayu99x”. I’m on a hour or more a day, usually. Would like to learn the game decent enough b4 CP comes out but it seems like it’ll be changing Jin/the game a lot, so that’ll be annoying. Anyway, look forward to playing with y’all.


I can tell you right now the “PS3 had less” bit is total BS. From most of what I’ve heard, PS3 has always had a good bit bigger of a Blazblue crowd and if nothing else, online community. Even on a bad day on Extend on PSN, I can get a full page of rooms listed down in player matches. And that’s with searching with Unlimited’s disabled and with 2 rounds needed to win.


Depending on where you are, PS3 may well do worse than the 360; I have a better time finding matches on the 360 in the Northeast. PS3 shows lots of player rooms, but they’re all 0 bars.


Really? That’s weird…most of the rooms I find on PS3 are like 2, with a low of 1.


So guys!..I found more players today…
Yesterday it was 2-4 (4 max)…today it was 3 people with a high of 5. Shoulda bought a Chromebook ;_;.

I love SF4 but lota you guys probably feel me on this, that it’s just getting old and I wish they’d do something to spice things up. I know other games have lived on for awhile but I don’t want to enter something with high seniority like 3S or GG, even casually. I’d rather play something which is arguably “worse” competitively like BB, but at least 3S a lot of people understand others’ qualms with the parry system. But that’s neither here nor there. I wonder if P4A is worth trying out? BB seems cooler/more fun. KOF = too much to learn, and MvC3 = same but feels more ‘random’. I’ve considered getting BB and learning Ky or Baiken, as it’s getting a new balance patch.
It’s $12 right? Is there people who play it a lot? I mean…anyone should beat the whopping 3 player average BB has…


I was planning to learn BB with a friend of mine on XBL, but he bailed for Starcraft and LoL, and I never played too much after that, so I’ll add you if you wanna play regularly. Also may get into P4A. I tried GG on PSN, but found it pretty hard to play for a crappy player like myself.


On Xbox One I only seem to find people online in the virtual arcade spot. Lots of people there, nobody in ranked or player battle.

Did better than I thought online thought this isn’t my first rodeo with BB. Used Noel a ton but I think Bullet is getting to be my main. X1 pad is shockingly competent here, since I was using the thumbstick for KI and was terrified going with the pad for BB. It worked out.

Rocking Bullet, Noel, Platinum, Izayoi or whateverthehell, and on occasion Ragna and Makoto.