I just read a little blog on Arc System Works confirmed that the new BlazBlue game will be in development. FINALLY!!! We will get a new BlazBlue game!!! They didn’t say when will it be released, but hopefully next year after the release of Continuum Shift 2+ and/or Continuum Shift Extend on consoles and handhelds. However, the new BlazBlue game may be the last game, because Arc System Works owned the Rights to “Guilty Gear” months ago from Sega and they promised the fans they might make a new Guilty Gear game in the future. I can’t wait for the new BlazBlue game!!! I can’t wait on what’s going to happen on the next BlazBlue’s story!!!..and about time too!!! :smiley:

Copy this link below and Paste it on the web address bar to read some about it:

crossup would be cool. :slight_smile:

BlazBlue Overture plz.

Can’t wait! Thanks for the link!

Blazblue: Continuum Trigger
Blazblue: Continuum Trigger 2
Blazblue: Continuum Trigger EXTEND
Blazblue: Continuum Trigger EXTEND REMIX
Blazblue: Continuum Trigger EXTEND HD REMIX 2014

That article is old, and it’s talking about CSE.

Aw shit, I almost worried there.
For a second, I thought another BlazBlue (like an entire new one) was in the works…

Dear god please no.
End this shitty mid GG rights scab game series already.

Sweet, maybe Bang will actually get story relevance in this one. I’m also hoping that my waifu Kokonoe will finally be playable. A man can dream, eh?

Does anybody have any ideas when Continuum Shift Extend will be out? Also, can I just buy CS, DLC to CSII and then DLC again for the CSE features? Or is CSE going to be standalone only. I’d hate to buy CS and then have to buy CSE.

BBCS:X (or whatever) is coming out around the end of the year in Japan; Usual localization lag is around 3 months, if I remember right.

No word yet on pricing, disk vs DLC or anything.

It still going to have similar so you can apply what you learned to the new game. if a dlc update for the ps3 and xbox 360 come out to make the game BBCSE it will be free probably but the new characters will be free. If you have not played blazblue buy the current one and get some of the learning out of the way. do not buy dlc unless you want the complete game, plan on playing the characters, or you friends might play them. 20 bucks or so used you should be able to get the game. just spend the money.

BBCSE does seem that is is going to be a new disk not DLC how they are announcing it. Arc System Works never advertised the update CS2 for ps3 and xbox in a trailer. most causal gamer were probably surprised by the changes after the 1.03 update and did not know the reason why the damage and combos changed. The game update did not really tell you anything changed either. It also did not reset your progress in challenge mode and all those combos changed. Next time they do a DLC update they need a message telling the players what changes there are.

This is back from March.

I’m a huge fan of Arcana Heart 3, but I’ve recently played Blazblue and I’m totally feeling it. Do I have to buy Calamity Trigger first or Continuum Shift in order to play the next version. Sorry if I sound noobish, but I’ve just played it at a friends house a week ago and I’m serious about buying it and learning how to play it at a competitive high level.

you gotta buy continium shift, update is then free.

or you can always wait for the release of BBCSEX on december, it would be a new disc release

December is the Japanese release of BBCS:EX, so unless you’re looking to import, the wait for a domestic copy is likely to be longer. BBCS is cheap right now, so it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to pick it up, but you might want to pass on the DLC characters if you think you’ll be buying the next disc.

BB has been always released at the same time, if not with a delay no more of a week i think
dunno if they arent gonna do the same this time, but i think that it could be unlikely

Not really; Yes, CT came out at the same time, but there was a month of lag for CS, so it’s sure not out of the question that there’s going to be some delay.

Update: According to the latest news, Aksys says that BBCS:EX will be coming out for PC and 360… the same time it comes out for Vita. Considering they haven’t even announced a release date for the Vita over here yet, it’s probably a safe bet that there’s going to be some delay involved.