New BnB for the Spinning Bird?

Alright, so if this is old news or already known tech feel free to shoot me down here. Anyways, it came to my understanding while picking up Chun-Li the classic BnB jump in combo was: j. Fierce-Fierce, 2Fierce, into Medium SBK. However after screwing around in the new PS4 port of Ultra I stumbled across a new variation, apperantly it’s possible to connect the almighty Roundhouse SBK with this hybrid TK input I found (See image).

So right when the secopnd j. Fierce lands, you have to hit 4Fierce then connect RH SBK.
This can be done anywhere on the screen resulting in 329 DAM with the first healthbar threshold and approximatly 500 Stun.
Again if this is already known I apoligize, but I would love to see fellow Chuners go out and test to see if this isn’t just some fluke with the port, test it on all versions of Ultra be it PC or 360 to see if this will become the new universal BnB for Chun- Li. Peace.

This is actually pretty well known, if not widely discussed. I stumbled on it myself when I started learning a bit of Chun, but I found that there has been some discussion of it already.

It’s extremely good, but a little situational imo. It’s a good punish for people like me who can’t do leg loops.

I vaguely remember you can link it off df RH, but I forget, might need a cr jab first.

I personally just do neutral fierce then up RH, but your way is good also.

Sorry I don’t understand OP. What combo is this for?

Lol, it’s just (jf HP x 2) cl HP xx HK SBK

OP has their own TK input for doing this, while I prefer just letting the stick go to neutral before inputting up + HK.

Oh yeah. I see what you mean. That’s a very damaging and easy combo to do, but I would have thought it’s less versatile than other BnBs because you need down charge. Good for hit confirm off jump in, but not for general punish situations where you need to walk forward a bit to reach.

It sounds like you’re saying you can cancel the 2nd hit of cr hp into hk spinning bird. That doesn’t work on pc or xbox360 afaik. You can do lk after for a kd or mk for the damage and deal with a mixup. That’s omega mode shit to get the damage and the kd for no risk. why would you ever do the others?

I like this combo, not too hard to pull off when you get used to it. The cr.HP MSBK combo is still useful because you can combo it into super/ultra.


Welp, that explains why I could never combo that together I thought I was just mistiming it lol. I always thought super/hosenka had the same timing.

super is 2f start up and ultra is 7f start up

mk sbk is +2 on hit

so if you never were able to link mk sbk into ultra 1, why did you even bother telling people you can do it?

its not like you ever saw anyone else do it.