New body; same moves

I just noticed while playing MSHvSF yesterday (subsequently beasting a Hulk/Zangief team) that Hulk is just T. Hawk with, well, a Hulk costume on (and new supers). He still has most of the same normals and specials (which I noticed after getting grappled so many times). After realizing this, I figured “everyone at SRK probably already knows this, and Capcom probably does it multiple times in the Vs. series”. Are my assumptions true?

sol badguy is basically terry bogard with regard to special moves though their game engines make them play nothing alike

I always thought of Sol being more similar to K’.

gunflame = whatever terry’s projectile is called
volcanic viper = rising tackle
bandit bringer = power dunk
bandit revolver = crack shoot
fafnir = buster wolf

maybe theres more idk…

Necro is the new an improved Dhalsim. Diving spin kicks (but no diving head butts) and long appendages. And he did a jackmove on Blanka’s electricity.

Guile = Charlie = Remy yawn Capcom

Outside the leather, they are nothing alike.

Move-wise, Sol is pretty damn similar to Terry.

shame they stuck him in a game system that renders those abilities practically useless huh :frowning:

that one guy in Atstuki Blitzkampf is essentially guile (2 charge moves, a super that’s basically a combo) I don’t remember his name.

As for the sol/terry thing, SNK even realized this and made one of terry’s extra costumes in MI2 resemble Sol (

drills are a big part of his game, and his limbs are already too slow/lack any priority to make a difference. he doesn’t have a projectile to force anyone to jump anyways. at least know what you’re talking about

^Do you know what you’re talking about? People being forced to jump from projectiles, in 3s???

Trust me on this,ask mutant xp or lil kevin from CTF. Necro uses drills kicks and his stretch moves alot…when they need to. Doesnt matter if the move sucks, it’s how you use it.

i meant from a general sf perspective.

edit: jesus people…this was in response to polarity who believes necro actually plays like a dhalsim/blanka clone. if you already know what necro plays like, gs

i dont think he plays like that though :confused:

I meant more literally, though (teh blurry):

Necro does have some striking similarities to Dhalsim and Blanka, though…

^^^lol, IMO 3S takes a bunch of the standard SF2 characters and rearranges their abilities to make new characters.

Urien = Honda/Balrog mix + fireball
Oro = Guile + ST Honda style command grab
Necro = Dhalsim + Blanka electricity
Q = Balrog + hand slashes

I’m sure some of the other characters match up with Alpha characters like maybe Elena=Adon, butI don’t know Alpha very well.

Not saying I don’t love 3S, but some of the characters are just so close to the same.

Usually capcom makes characters identical to each other to show that their killing off a character. not only capcom like every fighting game basically, but idk bout mvc.

I don’t jump when a projectile is coming my way…I parry it. :confused:

I just don’t play 3S… :confused:

are you serious drill kicks are fucking crazy good, in fact its the only thing that makes necros air game playable.

almost none of those characters play remotely alike