New Bruce Lee Game for the Iphone: Dragon Warrior


Sad to see the Lee family whoring his name out like this. It looks like another generic 3D fighter, only with shitty Iphone controls, and I doubt it would follow the principals of Jeet Kune Do.

I wouldn’t call it whoring out, they are carrying on his legacy by reaching out to a new generation. Kids who won’t have a clue who he was, and how he changed the world.

I hope it does follow the JKD principles, they’ve had a lot of involvement in the game’s design. IMO dead or alive has done the best job of show casing JKD in a videogame, lets see if they can top that.

The game is absolutelly gorgeous, but the gameplay is just awful.

If you get swept out of a move, your character will fall, get up and still do the move from your button press 2 seconds ago. Same for any attemp at a combo. Press 3 buttons in a row, the character will do the fuuuuull animation of each move. You can put down the iPhone and watch him go through the motions, like you’re watching a movie.

It’s ridiculous.

This game is shitty, but it’s got nothing with being on iPhone.

Street Fighter 4 on the iPhone is amazing. Watch some FADC into Ultra combo videos on youtube - the game plays as smooth as butter, and kept the original commands. Even the 720s are there and easy to do.

So the iPhone can do a fighting game perfectly.

Your second failure.

Not only the motion capture was made over a JKD master (student of a Bruce Lee student), but the whole game is built around Bruce Lee quotes and his life story.

Anyone remember Bruce’s face looking so frightening?

Looks like a big “pass,” but the animation looks nice atleast.

Dragon Warrior

It’s an RPG?

bruce lee rpg, check out that rhyme…