New brutal fighting game called GUTS!


Hi folks, I’m part of an indie game development team and we are currently working on an original fighting game. We’ve been working on the game since last year, and we believe that now is a good moment to start showing it around to gather some feedback, ideas, suggestions and advices from the fighting game fans! I’m here basically to summon you guys up for joining us from the start, so we can build this game together.

Our game is called GUTS - Gory Ultimate Tournament Show. It is a fighting game where you have to dismember your opponents!
That’s right: none of the GUTS competitors, the best Reality Show in 2067, stop fighting before having all four limbs chopped off - they keep fighting until they have nothing left!
Combining a fighting game core with dismemberments, fun, violence, unique characters and gore: that’s what GUTS is all about.

We would like to know what do you all think about this new mechanic we’re working on: Dismemberment instead of a regular Health Bar.


We have a Discord server where you can interact with us and other GUTS enthusiasts, just follow a few steps and PLAY THE ALPHA! \o/

Here’s our alpha trailer:

PS.: I’m not sure if this content is allowed here and I’m sorry if it isn’t. We’re just looking for people interested in cooperating and sending us opinions to participate in this indie game development.

Feel free to ask me any questions, follow us and comment the updates on our social networks:


But does it feature Mike O’Malley and if we win, do we get a piece of the Aggro-Crag?


You will become the GUTS champion, with millions of fans, money and glory! But maybe adding a Aggro-Crag is a great idea!


I like it, while it is NOT new, it remembers me of Blood Storm and Time Killers and Bio Freaks dismemberement options.


Yeah deffo reminds me of time killers. Which is a good thing as this style hasn’t been used much recently.

Haha I love the no life bar. I have a feeling this will go down well, somehow reminds me of a wii type game.

Whats console are yous putting it on (oor working towards)?


I keep thinking Jack Slumber is holding a weed whacker.


Reminds me of Bloodstorm.

I can’t see this being anything more than a gimmick fighter like Divekick, but I wish you luck anyways…


Indeed, the dismemberment thing isn’t new, and you’ve mentioned good references. In GUTS case, all the unique gameplay and winning conditions together make something we call new.


Thanks for the comment! We have many references, from monty python to mortal kombat, and of course time killers is one of them.

We are releasing GUTS for Steam, PS4 and XONE.


This kinda make sense!


Thanks for the comment! This version is just an early alpha… there is many new updates and improvements to come! We are working really hard to make GUTS as competitive as it’s fun!


Somehow when i read the title, i thought/hoped this was a Berserk title. Oh well.


Sorry to disappoint you Alpha Charlie … I agree that Berserk game would be awesome! But maybe you can give us a chance!?


Awesome. When you can please, upload more gameplay vids!


Recently we had a GUTS championship, at a game development event with a much newer and better version and you can check out at the video!


Will you be at EVO guys?


A new-age Bloodstorm.
How come I’m just now hearing about this?


GUTS is on Steam and you can already add it to your wishlist. Receive notifications about all GUTS updates, news, promotions and a lot more!
(Spoiler alert: there’s something BIG coming up!)