New buffer technique? Please look!

I always used to go c.back, toward, back + forward, then for 2nd tackle I didn’t buffer, I just went straight to toward+kick, then I did a headbutt. But I’ve been experimenting:

I came across this last night. I did this:

c.back, toward, downback +forward, then, for the second tackle I didn’t go straight to toward, I went from downback, to back, to toward, then to down back again, kinda like in a circle. I found it very hard to buffer twice in the same dir., so before hand I only buffered the first one and got the headbutt off on plain charging.

This method is weird, because its like I’m going from downback from first tackle, to back, then toward, then downback + forward. Its like I’m taking a long way around, insread of doing a usual toward, downback for 2nd tackle buffer. I always found that it was hard to buffer tiwce in the same dir, and the game wasn’t recognising my inp. So now when I go the long way around( spinning the stick from downback to toward, then to downback) . Its like the game is being fooled or something.

The only thing is, is it just me or is it plain hard to buffer twice in the same dir? Is this a new method of buffering two tackles? This also healps with the headbutt a lot, I can get a MP headbutt off a tackle, tackle using this. Can anyone shed some light on this, preferably Emphy, Gootecks, Whitecrowz, any other good Urien players

What way do you guys buffer, and does anyone know how any other pro players buffer? I need feedback

At 00.40, check this guy out. His timing is flawless and I wanna know does anyone know what method he uses?

hey ramza been playin urien for a good while practically never miss double tackles but the way ive always done it is db to df to db k for the first tackle an then same for second which means you’ve exhausted the down charge so you can just do a headbutt whenever, or after the second tackle keep it at df hope that helps

I’m not sure I know exactly what you’re saying, but this sounds like old news to me. Years ago Marvelous One posted his method of tackle tackle headbutt, which is the method i’ve always used. After the 1st tackle, u slide the stick from back to downback, then continue as you would. In this way you partition the headbutt around the 2nd tackle by charging down a little before it and charging the rest during the tackle. This is not what you said, but it sounds like the same principle at work. I commented on this a while back as well. On characters like Dudley, Ibuki, Oro…you can do c.hp, mk tackle, mp headbutt easily in the following manner: Instead of holding downback while you c.hp, u start at downback and slide the stick to back, downback, toward +mk, down (or downback), up + mp. It works on everyone but Alex. For characters like Chun, Makoto, Elena you can do c.hp, tackle, sphere, tackle, headbutt rather than ending with a hp, using this same trick. After you do qcf+punch for the sphere, go to back, downback, toward +lk, down, up + mp. So, if that’s what you were getting at, I’m afraid nothing new’s been discovered here. But if u were saying something else, please do correct me. I can be pretty dense at times. :shake:

I don’t think Emphy and Gootecks post in the Urien thread anymore.
Also, really I don’t mean any offense to Whitecrowz, but how the hell do u put him in with this group?

LOL no offense danish; same question here; I mean I’m not bad but I still got much to learn :amazed:
There’s no real scene here --> no real competition. Emphy and Gootecks are brilliant because of their personal knowledge & skills, but also because their gaming environment is favorable. That’s why for example Japan>USA>Europe (in 3S).

On topic:
I don’t know about all these “tricks” & “techniques”; I guess each one has his own methods.
I just go for charge downback during cr. HP, f, b+MK, f, db+MK and then headbutt or st. HP, or f+MP.
The tacke-tackle-headbutt is more “mechanic” than “technic”, like a reflex.
The most important being the delay betwenn cr.HP and 1st tackle which must be close to 0 (time-wise).

Thanks for the help, but I don’t get the above statement

Also, could you direct me to the post by Marvelous One, I can’t find it

Sorry, my bad. I didn’t explain that well at all. :3

When you start a corner combo with c.hp, you probably hold downback and press Hp, right? Well if instead of holding downback for the duration of the c.hp you move the stick, it lets u do some cool things. One application of this is that you can do c.hp,tackle,headbutt as opposed to c.hp,tackle,hp on Ibuki, Oro, ect. You do this in the following way:

press downback + Hp
slide the stick to back
slide the stick to downback
do the tackle with toward + mk
go to downback to charge for a headbutt, during the tackle
press up + mp for the headbutt when the tackle’s completed

In the first 3 steps you hold the “back charge” for the tackle because you never stop charging back. This allows you to do the tackle. But, by letting go of down in the 2nd step, you can partition a “down charge” in the moments right before the tackle, and then during the tackle (steps 3 & 4). This lets you do a headbutt right after the tackle.

A visual in case my explanation sucks:

:db: + :hp:, :l:, :db:, :r: + :mk:, :db:, :u: + :mp:

Hopefully that explanation was a little better. It’s a neat little trick and only takes a minute to learn. The damage increase is minimal but that’s also true for tackle, tackle, headbutt with respect to tackle, tackle, hp and people always go for that.

Here’s that Marvelous One post:
(2nd post on page 18 of Emphy’s Real Urien Unblockables thread)


Yea man, again I didn’t mean any offense. I was just thinking to myself…I don’t know if he’s THAT good. :looney:

Vicious! I like it

:woot: It’s all fine man no worries

Oh my God.

Thanks so much Danish! I used these 2 methods(Marvelous one’s and your’s). I can now Tackle, tackle headbutt so easier now and more fluently. I used that trick you also posted and its great. Thanks for all your guys help!


np, glad I could help. All credit goes to Marvelous One…it was his technique.

Thanks Marvelous One!

Your way doesnt work Ramza? I learned from your tutorial… works 100% for me >_> thx man if you ever check this post.

Maybe talking old news but here goes! I do:
can’t do with MP yet, am I losing time on the buffer this way? but with d+HP and after the first tackle there is no need to buffer another following move!
I’ve been playing with a PSone pad what can be a real drag!