[NEW BUG Super Street Fighter 2X - GMC] Ryu's Super Hitstun Glitch


Japanese players have discovered two years ago a glitch about Shinku Hadoken (Ryu Super). This bug can change radicaly match ups if you master it.
Lets try to be the more clear as possible. P1 is X.Ryu, P2 can be O.Ryu / X.Ryu / O.Ken / X.Ken

If P1 launches Super in order to counter a Hadoken, everybody expect the Hadoken to be punished and the P2 to receive a deadly 5 hit combo right ?
Well you all know that sometimes, you can just receive one hit and then block the rest right ?

It’s just because you played O.Ryu / X.Ryu / O.Ken / X.Ken and received before the Super an odd amount of hits ! The Shinku Hadoken is just not block string if it’s punishing a Hadoken and if you received an odd amout of hit before this.

Note : throw doesn’t count as a hit and a combo counts as one hit. This has only be tested on 2X boards, not ST boards. Give us your feedback :wink:


Thanks to Mattsun for sharing this precious element at XMania Europe. <3


Does this apply to Sagat as well? I often see him get hit once and then block, but that might just be because his limbs are so long.


This is possible. This has to be checked !


I wonder if you see a super coming if you can do a stand strong or something to get hit once and then block the rest or dp through it lol


for sagat I guess not it just hurtbox on his hand too long from his body and he can recover before second hit


In the arcade version (2x) CPU Akuma once got hit by my Shinkuu, then teleported through it after the first hit and punished me (╥_╥)


I don’t understand, can anyone explain it?


if the super hits you after the first hit has been absorbed by a fireball the second hit either A) doesn’t have enough hit stun to combo into 3rd hit (doesn’t really make sense unless somehow after the first hit the remaining hits are all supposed to hit at the same time) or b) glitches out and just lets you block for some other reason.


Is this version/region specific? Or does this apply in all versions of ST (USA, JP, Euro)?


They said they only tried on 2X boards…


It’s as the Wiki says. The “combos count as one hit” is false.

The reason why it works this way is the hitstun animation from supers depend on the number of hits you take during a round, for whatever reason, and one of them has slightly more reel than the other. That’s also why characters eating super combos change the hit animation after every hit.

Edit: it works the same way in every version.


I’m not sure how this is exactly a glitch. Sounds like its working exactly as its coded and as intended. Nor do I see how this “radically” changes matchups when it only works with fireball characters. But maybe I’m missing something.

So the “glitch” is that if the super hits someone “extended” like in a fireball pose (or O.Hawks crouching strong whose hit box is way out in front of him), the opponent will then go into the hit stun reel which pushes back their hit box to its regular position and not its extended position from before. And as a result they can recover before the rest of the super fireball reaches them and they can then block the rest. So is that the “glitch” that is being talked about?


Not even that. It works on shotos (Ryu, Ken, Akuma). It simply happens that the shotos’ animation that plays on odd hits (that is, after having been hit an even number of times) has slightly less pushback than the one which plays on an even super hit. Every hit animation has been coded differently, with different hitboxes and a reel animation which is positioned frame-by-frame, because system-wide animations wouldn’t look well. At least not the ones the devs tried.

For more information on the latter:

PS: Most likely, other characters’ animations behave differently, such that some should have more or less pushback for either even or odd super hits. It’s really all just a coincidence.