New C. Viper player - need combos


I’ve recently started with C. Viper and I need some advice on combos that I should practice. I’m fairly accurate with her basic moves (Thunder Knuckle, Burn Kick, etc.) except for Seismo which I’m still practicing. I find that when I’m playing I get opportunities and I just can’t turn them into very much damage. If it helps, I have the most trouble against grapplers. I have SF:Vanilla currently but SF:Ultra should be arriving on Tuesday. Thanks in advance!


Check the C. Viper subforum in the Street Fighter forum on this site.


The first page of the C. Viper combo thread lists 40 combos. I’m looking for help picking some that would be appropriate for a beginner.


Essential Combos for her to be playable
cr.MK xx MP TK 180 dmg 250 stun
*Very basic combo when you are REALLY new, use cr.MP instead if you are really really really new and find using two separate buttons too hard. Has less range if you use cr.MP though. Use this in footsies, learn to do cr.MK xx TK feint since it’s not a true blockstring.
st.LK, st.LK, cr.MP xx MP TK 172 dmg 285 stun
*Very basic hit confirm, 2f link into cr.MP

st.MP, cr.MP xx MP TK 216 dmg 320 stun
2f link into cr.MP

cr.HP xx MP TK 210 dmg 300 stun
Basic punish if you find links too hard

Essential combos for her to win with
All the fierce feint fierce/fierce feint forward stuff


Thanks density.