New Cable Vid





The cable infinite shown midway through the video on Psylocke is brilliant. Would you please tell me how you did that? Thanks for the help and much luv!



it’s an assist infinite

nice vid btw, ouch at that THC


i like the hit into Hood missile, then side-change to sweep into Thanos bubble =) that looked fresh

hey M N N, the Psy inf is an assist inf (just making sure you noticed she isn’t the point…if you did, my bad)…but to be general:

launch (df.hp) ^ sj.u hit, hit, hit (choose your fancy as long as you juggle and position right for…) xx elec trap, V fall, sj.jab before you land to make her pop, land…repeat

edit: :u: lol BeaTs :stuck_out_tongue: my bad


Thanks, and i couldn’t have said it better myself.


This might be a dumb question, but why is it called Chapter 11? I feel like I missed the other ones.


Thank you very much fellas, that helps a lot. Much luv!



Well, pretty much there are 56 chapters, possibly more. Each chapter is a character me and my team have been working on and there’s so much in MvC2 that has not been explored with every character I figure we would take a crack at it. I have 2 chapters up on youtube so far. Check them out.


Aside from some fancy low tier gimmicks you pretty much rehashed the cable merry go round techniques…



First nice vid, but this will be the first time i ever seen it so i never knew u came up with similar combos, but I’ve been doin these combos for years in tournament matches and casuals. So I didn’t steal any of your techniques, but i’ll share some of the credit with you bro. Check out my youtube page and checks the matches or combo vids:


Not about stealing just informing you.

I like your low tier setups but I usually discard anything that doesn’t have any significant application to high level match.


I can’t wait for the Hulk video! The preview was badass! Did you call Doom when you launched before the launch?


Good point, but all this stuff is applicable in any high level match ups especially with lowtier because they don’t know what to expect.


cable/bbhood/insert projectile assist character
they usualy know whats coming


The moment you pick rogue with grab assist…


Rogue/cable/Cap is veryyy annoying btw… Thought id add that since u mentioned rogue :shake:


lol you still getting hit by random?

Also, most videos are good because some people live where the scene is ages ahead of that of another place. People who don’t have the luxury of playing against the top players can use such videos but I think match videos are better imo.

Cable/Cap is annoying, Rogue is only annoying until you learn why she’s lower tier than the characters you pick.

Marvel Lesson #1:
Mash and good things will happen.


John is by noo means random lol… That shit just abuses me everytime I play against that team:rofl:


You don’t block Rogue assist, you dodge or mash buttons if Cable has no meter or call assist and super jump and Cable won’t super if you are over because he’s just leaving himself open for la->ls->hsf->gg.

Also, which John are we talking about, my memory for game related stuff is terrible. When you going to CF? I need more people to mash buttons against.


goes by the name golba