New Cammy Thread

Mkaaay Im starting a new Cammy thread! I dont want this to turn into a bullshit “how many kba can you get into 1 combo?” thread. =D

This is her best air combo

Launch, sj, lp, lk, lp, lk, hk cannon drill, kba (qcb+pp)

She has good resets…

Launch, sj, lp, lp, pause, lp, lp, double jump to other side, lp, lp, hk cannon drill, kba

Cammy has an awesome untechable throw =D

It is very good on tall characters… for regular sized characters, the best thing to do is to get them in the air…

Cammy has one of the best anti airs in the game… more ppl should use her. She’s much better than Cyclops or Commando on point… and she’s hot.

Lol… I’ll type more stuff later (I suck)

her best air combo is: launch, hk cannondrillXXkba

not everybody can handle that timing. a person with just a basic knowledge of cammy can land the longer version of the air combo.

got some questions since i dont really know anything about cammy… hows her assists? im always looking for a good third character with an aaa… i have the feeling u cant combo off of it… some1 tell me i’m wrong? lol… also, cannon drill is the shoryuken type move right (as in dp+kick, or 623+kick) but isnt it also possible to combo the kba off the qcf+kick move (sorry i dont know move names) i thought i saw some1 do this…is the timing easier or anything? thanx for the help

Cammy’s AAA is cannon spike.
cannon drill is the horizontal one, and yes you can combo off it. tho not if you do it when on the ground I think

as for her AAA assist:
+invincible through beams
+“homes” in on the enemy
+fast as hell
+invincible startup(as opposed to like… colossus’s AAA[no offence to colossus players])

Cammy’s AAA is cannon spike.
cannon drill is the horizontal one, and yes you can combo off it. tho not if you do it when on the ground I think

I actually find it hard to kba off cannon spike(I tried it a couple times w/ not much success)

as for her AAA assist:
+invincible through beams
+“homes” in on the enemy
+fast as hell
+invincible startup(as opposed to like… colossus’s AAA[no offence to colossus players] this means she’s a bitch to use against magneto’s)


  • 1 hit(this means alot, cuz if you’re against sent/capcom. the capcom become more of a shield for sent, who then proceeds to do the dirty work of stompdown)
  • suceptable on the way down
    -theres prolly more… I’m just missing it.

and the air combo was cammy’s best air combo, not her most user friendly

Yeah… her assist goes through supers (ex. Hailstorm). I hear her assist is very good against Sentinel because it sort of “tracks him down”.

Speaking of Sentinel… you can do an awesome setup for her untechable grab. In fact, you can do it on all the tall characters (Sent, BH, Jugg, Hulk). You can do any 2 hit standing chain (ex. s.lp, and then untechable grab (qcb+hk… hp). =)

I don’t think that works.
Sent could easily jump back, LP and assist , Mp, rocket punch
when he sees the start up.

Eh… Ive done it before plenty of times. They’ve never jumped back even if they block.

They dont have enough time to jump back because she grabs them almost instantly. =D

Then they suck.
Hooligans ain’t instant.

thanx a lot for the info- sorry about the confusion between the drill and the spike… so can u combo off the aaa? ex/ using magneto and cammy aaa to set up rom or somethin to that effect? after seeing it it seems impossible, but obviously i could b wrong… also basic strategy for using cammy? it seems that when ive seen cammy played its basically getting in to use that main combo…is that pretty much it? shes really fast so it seems like it shouldnt b too hard to get in close… again, thanx for previous help and i hope some1 can answer these qs…

With Mag the only combo you can do with her assist is bascially standing hk+cammy (cancel 2nd hit), hypergrav.

PS: The hooligan is instant… STFU


Shut up batch. =D


I’ll back shinerik up here. Hooligan combo is good if used sparingly. while it isn’t instant, it does come out fast enough for a large opponent to be surprised(provided you’re pressuring him like crazy)


alot of conditions there.
I simply said its avoidable - it is. Hooligans are good, but you ain’t gonna get someone after they block a chain. If he is grabbing people plenty of times as he says, then they are obviously slow, have no reactions, and are dim witted to fall for it more than once.

Hooligan is instant, please…Look at the start up animation.
It’s not an awesome set up as he first stated.
I won’t bother replying, getting called a batch hurts my feelings.

I agree with Augmint here. The is Hooligan is nowhere near instant. The startup is easy to see coming and makes her pretty vulnerable.

I thought it not being instant wasn’t the issue…

He thinks Cali players are slow and dimwitted okay.

It works.

The issue was that he posted this “awesome” set up.
I reply - I think it’s avoidable.
Look at the start up animation for christs sake - he said “almost instant” and then “the hooligan is instant… stfu”.

I’m a literal person - I never said hooligans suck - I said THAT set up is avoidable. SHiNeRiK says he gets people plenty of times - I’m sure other people will go


The odd random hooligan is OK , I never said hooligans suck only the players who got caught by that set up (plenty of times as he says)
I use it when my opp is in the corner and has blocked drones (good block stun) - I think that is a useful set up ( not awesome).

No fucking way will I not challenge a post of someone who starts a thread about cammy with reference to the bullshit in other threads, and posts cammy’s best combo as launch, sj 1,2,3,4, cannon drill XX Killer Bee.

If people get suprised by it (your words Ghursine) then fine, but if its awesome and unavoidable then its not a question of suprising people is it?

Maybe he has a different interpretation of plenty?

P.S I would really like to see who these players are. REALLY.