New Cammy Thread



augmint- as some1 trying to learn how to play cammy better do u think u could post some better combos? im really interested in hearing wat u think her best combos r, and better setups for hooligan combo… and by the way im not challenging u or anything, i just wana hear everyones opinion and u sound like u know wat ur talkin about. thanx for the help.


He doesnt know shit. You should get somebody else’s opinion.


State college had a tourney last year. a bunch of hugh level players came… time after time w/ cable you’d see: sweepxXschimitar ahvb… this was done waay more than once… you could see it, you could prolly anticipate it by the middle of the day(remember… all these high level players)… ahvb: awesome. this combo: avoidable… yet somehow it kept working…

I’ll say this. I’ve stopped using cammy competatively for about a year now(the knowledge is still there). I didn’t read shinerik’s combo… all I saw was you putting down the HC…It works w/ the limited rushdown that cammy can do. I think it’d work twice a match… any times more than that, and you’ll be swatted by an AAA… But then again, in higher level play, why yould you see cammy out on point, while doom or sentinel is in the back assisting. If she gets snapped out, its prolly from someone like magneto or storm. they out rtsd cammy, so you’d prolly be playing a different game. If its sentinel, you’ll prolly be seeing him in flight mode most of the time. If its anyone else who snapped youi out, you suck. The end… let this die… lets move on


how is the hooloigan instant i dont know of any throw move being instant


Its not instant.

Its just tricky.


Like I said in the earlier post - I got nothing against hooligans.
I’ll let this lie, anyone can see SHiNeRiKs post about them being instant/almost instant.


burnnravr0142 - a good combo I use with cammy is launch + drones, sj HP, cannon drill, land, relaunch, aircombo… airthrow. You get alot of damage before you reset. I’m still working on exact spacing - it seems to work best near the corner.

The only other combos I use are the launch, sj HP, cannon drill xx KBA. Sometimes I’ll just do a magic series one if I don’t trust the stix. Lots of good combos in the earlier threads.

I try to use hooligans near the corner, after drones. You know that she has 2 different grabs - one is the leg wrap and slam, the other she ends up with her feet stomping them on the chest. You get a “bounce” effect.
The way I had it explained to me ( wouldn’t mind hearing other peoples thoughts) is that she does the bounce grab when an opponent ducks but it is also proximity based - you can get the bounce slam if you do the grab close to the ground (even when someone stands)

When you get them in the corner, you can get a free combo … dash in crouching Lp/LK? (minds blank) - which can juggle like mags crouching lk.

That’s about all I can put up.


thanx for postin up some combos man… i guess my main problem is… i dont use sent…lol… u use any1 elses assists in ur combos? other characters i use r magz, ironman, strider, doom(sometimes), psylocke… again thanx for the help


Try this combo with Commando:

c.lp+commando, launch(d+hp), sj, lp, lk, cannon drill, kba


Hooligan is okay, but the thing is that you have to press the right button at the right time. If you hit the punch button too early, she’ll do that frankensteiner thing, and you wont be able to OTG. If you press it too late, she’ll miss the throw altogether, and probably be launched into a devastating combo of daeth, depending on who you’re playing against. The risk/reward factor is there, so it’s your call. A good way to setup a hooligan is after a connected KBA. dash xx hooligan. If they dont roll, you got em. If they do, you’re a safe distance away in case they try anything. BUT, you gotta kinda anticipate what they’re doing, so if they roll, press kick so you can do that canon spike thing, and not suffer from the lag of missing the throw (the lil slide). IF, however, you DO miss. . . . .pray. Headcrush, AHVB, hail, mag/other cammy wavedash. . . .there’s so much that can catch you.


All I said was… hooligan (grab) is great on tall characters. Thats all I said… Everybody needs to stop posting flaws. >=(


With practice, missing a hooligan grab altogether ( by pressing the button too late)shouldn’t come into play, although risk/rewards a factor. That’s why I try to limit hooligans to the corner, once they bounce you get a free (no escape) combo (crouching LP juggles) - highest reward.
You can launch, sj hp , cannon drill xx KBA or launch, air chain, airthrow (corner makes it easier to hit characters with a lp before you land).


hmm… after some more messing around with cammy im getting the feeling she doesnt have all that much to offer… pretty much rushdown and try to launch and eventually kba… or am i wrong?
also, shinerik- saw on the other thread a reset- could u post some more? i guess that seems to b all i left to work on with her…
and by the way, if any1 wants to tell me cammy is more complicated than i think and y, thatd b great…its not that i think shes bad, it just seems like she doesnt have all that much to offer


She’s not really that complicated… Just kinda hard to be good with. =\

I kinda suck with the resets but here’s one on Sentinel.

launch, sj, lp, lp, hp grab, lk, lk, anything lol. ^^


that works on every1.


Works best on Sent… =(

Im not really big on throw resets sorry.


at the start of this thread it was mentioned that it won’t be another ‘how many cannon drill xx kba’s can you do?’ thread

it dosen’t seem much different… let’s talk strats people…

her standing hk on falling characters is great, lots of priority, kinda like iron man’s standing hk on falling characters


Eh… okay. Yeah her standing roundhouse is somewhat like Iron Man’s. =)

Probably useful when doing the throw combos… after landing you can run to the other side… Well I never really do throw resets but I think you can dash and do s.roundhouse.


Hooligan being good? i like to see some try it against cable or storm or sent in tournements. im sure ull get fucked. Sorry but holigan sux.

standing round house is good yes but you can always use her counter which much more fun to use. Especially against sent and storm.

now in a another thread u said that psy is bad at point. Your wrong. Psy with cammy assist is amaizing and a pain to players using sent or storm. I use Psy storm cammy(in that order) and I win with it. And yes I won A tournement using that team against my freind who used Rowtron. If anyone was wanting to use a team where psy is at point use my team it has so much advantage against other ppl.

Shen Keep up the good work. you almost have a cammy thats as good as mine but not good enough :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


im bored so ill post :slight_smile: about that hooligan grab I actually raped one of the best players here in LA, CA He was using sentinel and got raped in the corner… roll, push block or jump back a cammy user should know all this stuff when and where they are going to do it. I cant disclose name coz i dont talk to him anymore.

about the cammy reset, old school but still effective too many people in northridge knows when i will do a reset. I have better reset than that. If you guys play at northridge u must have seen me play cammy. Although alot of players in northridge can beat me but they know I have the best cammy around. Thats just my ego talking coz i am hella bored on a valentines night :frowning:

U think u have the best cammy on point? i would like to test ur skillz. i challenge u (whoever u are except for JWONG u killed my cammy in EVO :slight_smile: bastard) let me know

ill post more reset and ground air grab when i get a chance and teach how to beat certain characters using cammy on point.