New Capcom Development Strategy


The article I’m looking at is this one:

Does this mean a new capcom fighting game every 2.5 years? Is 2.5 years too short a time between sequels?


Straight to FGD with you.


lol, that article has nothing to do with fighting games specifically. did you read it?


Yeah, it’s about video games in general, not just street fighter.


It didn’t. But he made it about fighting games therefore it belongs in FGD.


Then why single out street fighter in your op.
You obviously want to talk SF.


I’d like to talk about all games, not just FGs.

I think 2.5 years is too short a time span for sequels to things like RE and DMC. I’m surprised they included Lost Planet as a franchise since Lost Planet 2 bombed in terms of sales. When was the last time they made a new, great franchise?


it’s fuck the consumer some more, right?



So they’re not going to shovel out sequels till the end of time? Wait this is Capcom of course they are.


It’s not quite fucking the consumer if people buy it (Hint: stop buying it). The problem is that it takes a lot of resources to make a great game and it takes a while for a franchise to develop a base of consumers. Consumers need to force companies to innovate.


This will most likely end badly. If the development cycle of a major title is 3-4 years, and they want to release subsequent versions every 2.5 years that means a large part of the core gameplay will be the same. In some cases this will be good, but what about when they make a shitty game, or something with shitty mechanics, release said game, and are already halfway through making the follow up to that game? If this game is a shitty game with potential then this can lead to major hiccups in development because when sales and feedback are bad they’ll have to make changes to the upcoming game, or have a double flop.

Imagine if this were the case with Ninja Gaiden 3. Ninja Gaiden 4 would be about halfway done, and everyone would be scratching their heads about how to fix it.

Capcom reducing development on major titles to shorten time between sequels,beefing up DLC to keep

No, that’s bullshit. I’ve played great games that cost only three hours of one person’s time to create. The problem is that your average consumer is an idiot, and that innovation in today’s market is dumbing your game down as much as possible while keeping it something like the previous game. Do all developers do this? No, but most of the major players in the industry do.

You can see this plain as day, actually. It is just worded nicely. “Streamlining the experience, making the game more accessible, broadening the market, appealing to a new audience” etc. Then you got bitchmade developers like Square Enix who can’t even figure out what genre they’re trying to make and practically make it impossible to lose.


I’m with Pertho on this one


Capcoms new strategy is to make people shell out for more DLC? Yeah that worked so well with SF x Tekken.

remind me again why Japanese video game companies matter anymore?


Nothing worse than a man who cant admit when he’s wrong.

Also this is old news. I remember buying MVC3 a week late and learning about UMVC3 a few (less than a month) weeks later.
I feel sorry for anyone that supports SFxT and Disc Locked Content games. Yarr…


Making games is hard. Making good games even harder. making GREAT games, harder still. Making great games greater is near impossible. Consumers, however, keep on wanting more and more stimulation, which is impossible to continually crank out. So you have to trick them into thinking something is new when it really isn’t.

See, the fashion industry*. :coffee:

*so glad my niece enlightened me to the basics of the fashion industry and why/how it’s more important/crazy/just like every other industry than we think. :tup:


sounds interesting



This thing they are doing is called Decentralization. Its a new business strategy that focuses on smaller teams doing more. In today’s age of technology, a company can easily have a smaller development team produce a game the same caliber of what was required of a larger team 5 years ago. Capcom wants more teams working on games, not shorter development times. This is good as it cuts down on the bureaucracy and it makes the company more productive overall.Every company, in every industry is doing this and Capcom is just trying to stay the pace. In fact, Investment banks are creating smaller teams to handle investments, Capcom is essentially doing no different. This just another example of the " Capcom is doing something, I must cry" mentality the FGC has. Seriously? Beefed up DLC is a good thing in my eyes, more bang for your buck.

Only the FGC would complain about something that is in their best interests.


Oh, and BTW, I expect that slipping “quality standards” will be a boon for the Marvel series, since them trying to “fix” shit is a large part of the problem with the new games.


Because, we all know American companies don’t use DLC.

And, Capcom invented DLC.

I read it on SRK.