New Capcom Fighting Game

AM Show: New fighting game from Capcom

19.08.05 - Capcom announced that they will show a new Fighting game at the AM Show (01.09.05 - 03.09.05) in Japan.


I already posted it in the SF4 Thread but since there is no word that it actually is a SF I thought I’d make a new thread.




Please be good.

New street fighter please.

No VS shit. :sad:

any bets its 3d

$1 paypal its not 3d.

And I get to make fun of you for being fat,scrub :tdown:

please let it be sammy vs capcom, or sf 4

Couldn’t agree more.

If it’s 2D, then I’m going to ask for the fucking world and say that I want completely new sprites.

This seems like good news, though, hopefully it turns out well.

Not another vs? Are you kidding?

People would die if it was MvC3

It could very well be CFE2.

Mega Man DS: The Hyper Battles

No chance of that since Capcom no longer has the Marvel lisence.

I hope to GOD its not another CFE title.

Ich stimme vollstndig mit Ihnen auf diesem Thema berein. Ich habe dieses Forum angeschlossen, gesamten ownage von zu reden, schrubbt in meinem Liebling, den Spiele und alles kmpft, die ich ungefhr lese, ist Stiefmtterchen, die ihre endgltige Phantasie und ihren forza motorsport spielen gern!

:rofl: too good

If’s it’s not SF4 then I really hope it is CVS3.

Ich werde Sie haben kein Recht tuschen, die groen Arbeiten von adolf hitler zu beleidigen!

Ich habe vollstndigen ownage von der meisten Welt gehabt und ich werde diese Foren mit meinen allerletzten gmaing Fhigkeiten ebenso erobern!

Everyone is thinking all wishful. Like capcom actually cares about the community. Its gonna be some bs game that will attract all the kiddies.